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  1. Breath Retention and "Shock" Effect

    new guy here. just browsing and looking for so,e direction for me. I focused in on the breath work comments. That was helpful, I have run across it before, it just never stuck in my mind. I think I need to do some reading on the topic. your advice of basically be gentle is a good idea i think, you quoted others mentioning 70% but I get the idea.
  2. thanks, thanks I get chatty and ramble late at night, but my mind is calmer and lets me express my self better then. I have seen some interesting conversations about what energies are better at certain times of day from Damo (last name slips me right now) but I am sure his videos have been mentioned here. edit just read you tag. I like that. knowledge is the tool, wisdom is the hand of choice. ( i have no idea what I just said, I need to save that)
  3. so I probably know not enough about to many things. I am not sure what information I need to give here. The more I say the more help I can get. I am not sure what I want either. lets start with this. reiki, all of It. what ever systems them have now. I can pass the ability on to others but haven't in a long time. It was more about self improvement. got very interested in the cosmic circle when I read about it, then learned quite a bit from Damo's videos. I got a good feel for the energy movements within me. I would not say great but pretty good. I get distracted from my meditations (at least what I call meditation). I can't quite break my cycle. I will get heavy into my spiritual then I will go heavy into learning and side projects. Then I will sort of float a bit. I want to improve my energy system, I hate to say in like this but I want align my energy better. I am rambling a lot and this sucks as a nice hello but It is whats on my mind and well my opportunities for getting advice in-person are pretty damn limited. still rambling along. I am an older fellow, married a long time. I got lucky I guess. I dont get out. I guess I would be a shut in. I am able to it just has consequences. so I am happy here. I think I am stalled, for a long time. I might be impatient, not sure. I am mostly content but if I could improve I would like to. not sure what else to say on this terribly rude hello. It's not nice to show up on some one's door and ask for something straight away, I think, sorry. I am just going with my thoughts, what do they call that? quick google says, stream of consciousness. sounds a bit fancy for me but..... This is a terrible wall of text for the poor soul that reads it..sorry about that. I am thinking if I talk enough I can give a sense of who I am. I am not quite so rambly always. pretty quite. kind of opinionated but not overly so. I do have a chaotic good character with lawful leanings what else would you like to know? I dont or rather havent used forums in a long time, so im rusty there. ok. I will stop the torture now. I really am just looking for a "that away" kind of thing. the "teacher will appear" is running out of time.