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  1. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    I know this is off topic but one saeculum is approaching fast. The fourth turning is upon us. Normal human cycle of creation and destruction goes like this i believe its called myrtle theory Bondage into Spirituality Spirituality into Courage Courage into Liberty Liberty into Abundance Abundance into Complacency Complacency back into Bondage This is the natural cycle but has been taken over and controlled by powers that be. They have shortened it to 80 year cycles and we have had 7 cycles since the 15th century. Also Romans used to do this too. So its plain as day romans still control most of the world. I haven't did the research on all the cycles but i can tell yall the last 3. First was revolutionary war then 80yrs after to the civil war. Civil war 80 yrs to ww2. WW2 80 yrs will be 2028. It has been said this cycle is the final one or are last chance to overthrow the nefarious dark forces. For more information look up saeculum and fourth turning. This comes from the book the fourth turning written in late 90s. Its a very famous book. When i was younger i heard about the 80yr cycles but didnt know its name or how to find more info on it. Goodluck seekers!
  2. How to make External Elixir of Life.

    One Saeculum is approaching fast. And the Fourth Turning is upon us. I know its off topic but knowing what is to come will save your life.
  3. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    We are frugivores i dont see it being hard to live off just fruit. Mainstream says bananas is all you need. Truth is we only survive off electricity so you have to figure out what food gives you that. Although there is literal lightning bolts coming off fresh picked fruits and veggies. The best is high glucose foods for the ATP. To see lightning shooting off plants check out kirilian photography.
  4. How to make External Elixir of Life.

    Lol no never had one. I heard they sweet like candy. Was yours ripe or are they bitter? idk But a book i read told me the story of the eastern and greek date tree elixer. He showed how them both mentioning the same tree that there has to be something important about that. It is strange. Do research on dates is a good idea but i havent gotten around to it
  5. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    In the age of males. If a women tells someone that this child does not have a father and i never had sex. No one will believe her. Such things are private as well and such has a second layer of secrecy. Its been said that males are natures mistake a abomination if you will. But god knew the perfect humans would degenerate due to desires. So he installed a back up fail safe lol. Same with food. If we are breathnarians then how come we have a digestive track. God knows all and predicted it so he gave us one just in case. I will note even tho fruits are bad too such as all food but fruits are millions of times better then any other form of food. God knows existence is boring more then anyone else and eating is fun. He knew they would eat someday. But the price was their shortened lifespan.
  6. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    Most life on planet are breathanarians aka plants. And we are not much different. But your right it is dangerous. Normal people are slaves to food via its toxins and become addicts. So when you stop you can go into shock. But if you slowly reduce overtime you can avoid the shock. But also that alone not save you from death. There are a myriad of things you need to do to awaken your dorment glands and higher bodily functions that have become crippled over the ages. First you need to remove all toxins from the body. You will know there gone when your blood type turns to O. Also you need extreme amount of electricity via grounding ect. But imo the ultimate method is to do all that and just eat fruit sparingly. It will take many generations of kids whose parents were enlightened masters to produce a offspring that can give virgin birth and be a true breathanarian. But then again we might not have a climate for it anymore. The worlds magnetic field is almost non existent now. The higher the magnetism the higher the amount of chi the climate/earth would have given those perfect beings. But you prolly have to live in the mountains. Every meter upwards is a increase of 30volts in the air. Our records show 1 out of every 10k women give virgin birth in the medieval times. But it has been said that gods or devilish imps impregnated the girl. They didnt understand true biology. Just look at virgin birth animals there are tons. All life is not very different from each other. There are many thousands of records and people tested via scientific method who do in fact survive many years via air alone. Im not promoting such a thing. i'm merely just showing you true history and what we used to be when we were in perfect form. There is a process a straight path for ascension which requires many many factors. You cant just skip all the way to the end aka breathanarian.
  7. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    Well we can trace back life mil years 100 mil is kinda small instead might be a billion lol idk. But its been realized god manifested near the beginning. Most records lost during the flood and wars. Even etchings into stone cant last that long. Everything becomes destroyed. But i will tell you something interesting. We have a extinction event every 56k years on the dot. It has to do with our position around the sun. The beginning of the age of aquarious is one of these points. So one if comming very soon. Sometimes it skips and goes 112k yrs. I watched a documentary on it. Also the world will face a financial collapse and become a slaughterhouse in a couple years. Be prepared. Or you can think that is gibberish too but do so at your own peril.
  8. How to make External Elixir of Life.

    Btw elixir of life specifically uses Dates! Not any fruit but other fruits will work to a lesser effect. I heard dates are sweet like candy so prolly have immense glucose i havent checked. Just to reiterate the 2 historical records we have pertaining to the ingredient for the elixier of life both are a picture of a date tree. I forget which book i read it in i think it was wudang dragon gate or something like that.
  9. How to make External Elixir of Life.

    Ya i read about those. Sometimes charged via sun, moon or a masters chi. You could even house it in a clay egg. The shape helps it somehow forget. But it makes it alkaline. I was just showing people the core ingredients. If you disagree its fine but chi is just electricity. It has been tested that masters emit it via a pulse. All energy pulsed heals. Static, magnetic, light, kinetic, sound, ac, dc, ect. You could build a tool to infuse it although it would need increased plasma or some phylicphobic substance. I said the word wrong but it sounds something like that i forget basically where the blood houses its electricity. Imo grounding is all the energy you need. Scientists dont understand pos and neg charge. Neg charge is actually a discharge of energy. A lizards tail regrows via neg charge. Believe it or not but the only thing that exists in the visible plane is electricity in different forms. Saying chi is not electricity is like saying water is not wet. Magnetism is the other half of electricity destroying all matter and returning it to the aether/heaven. Creation/destruction. Chi masters have higher magnetism from their increased electricity. Cancer cells run at 30hz. Healthy cells run at 70-100hz. Masters cells run at 100-200hz who knows. They also have higher gravity since its basically magnetic attraction. Also they can levitate via antigravity. There are 2 ways to do that. The concave shape of their legs crossed or you could maybe sit on something concave. The other way i forget im new to true physics complicated stuff.
  10. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    Knowledge brings order and ignorance chaos. That's why there are so many schools of thought no one has all the secrets. Only with enough knowledge does everything become clear. Of course the knowledge has to be true. Unfortunately most key knowledge has been falsified on purpose out of fear, greed ect. Much of it lost through wars. There are truth seekers as well as truth suppressors. Yin and yang. Creation/destruction. Endless cycles Believe it or not the truth originally was discovered 100 mil years ago by perfect mans first kids. They ate from the land and started to die. This is how it came to be but in most recent times it the last bits of knowledge come from atlantis. When the flood came some of the atlanteans went to the himalayean mountains and survived. This knowledge used to be world wide indicated by all the circular stone placements found throughout the entire african continent. As well as pyramids all throughout the world. So others may have survived on mountain tops all around the world. American indians term for chi qi is called mana. And they have many cool powers and spiritual practices. Indians could tell where their enemy way during i forget which war miles away. Some listened to the ground and others could do it sitting.
  11. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    Haha ya not many pioneered the path of explaining metaphysics and spiritual practices via scientific method. They are out there though. Kriya is good stuff
  12. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    The reason they hid most of the 35ft tall human skeletons and replaced it with the theory of the missing link. Was because if we knew that we used to be huge we would ask how and why. Then that would lead us to the secret of regeneration and long life.
  13. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    Blood rich in oxygen is called alkaline blood and blood deprived of oxygen is acidic blood.
  14. Primordial God Body Cultivation

    Btw when people become healthy you can do it too fast or you will go into shock. So going from a junk food eater to a breathanarian is impossible. Plus all the higher functions of your lungs and the 12 mystical nasal glands become crippled shortly after birth from toxic air. So it makes it harder for us to get the lifeforce aka electricity. But i have read many stories of living without food and seems to be legit. It makes sense considering plants dont eat. The structure of our cells are identical to chlorophyll except the nucleus being iron instead of magnesium. We also perform the first phase of photosynthesis turning light into energy. All life is not much different from each other. If experiments are true on one lifeform they are true for all of them. The secret lies in hydrogen which is made from blackholes and first of periodic table. its said the be the purest form of aether condensate and combines in many ways to create all biological matter. But i believe we can turn hydrogen into electricity with our special dormant glands. Also its said wood from trees comes from hydrogen not the earth. And its also said our bones and flesh comes from the hydrogen in the air too. There is a story found in a ancient scroll in tibet. Saying their ancestors came from sirius B constelation. They sent 2 ships. One probably landed in egypt hence the annunaki and other in tibet. Anyway it says they had the power to create matter with their mind/will. But they lost the power when they ate grain. Its been suggested by others the gluten in the grain made them lose their power. Idk really im just a regular joe. I can only learn and do so much. I wish i had someone super smart to help me.