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  1. Looking for good teachers

    Thank you all for wonderful comments and assistance.
  2. Looking for good teachers

    Hi. Thank you for sharing this. May I ask your teacher's name?
  3. Looking for good teachers

    I agree. I noticed that since this web page appeared several of the same people keep posting it in all threads that mention Damo. Yes, I'm considering going to Bali one day or maybe it would be more convenient to attend his retreats in Europe. But now I'm more concentrated on studying online. I live in nature and have great opportunity to practice in silence. I live in solitude and have my daily Buddhist practice as well. So I enjoy flexible online pace. I personally think Damo's online academy is very well structured. But I'm still looking for some alternatives to add them to my practice. It's not that his academy is bad. No way. It is just that I'm still interested in other directions and teachings.
  4. Looking for good teachers

    His himself regularly says he has no link with historical Damo and his name have no wight or hidden meaning. You say "It exists for over 30 years, and there are no results." - what are results for you? And what exists 30 years if Damo himself is in his 40thies only? Are you the author of this article? It is really funny. If you don't like Damo, whom would you recommend?
  5. Looking for good teachers

  6. Looking for good teachers

    Well. Occasional smoking and drinking is up to him. He is not promoting it and was filming this episode during holiday time. I've read this article before and would like to know more about the authors. Looks like they are hiding their names Persona cult is nonsense. But 'deceiving people' I would discuss. Do you have some proof?
  7. Looking for good teachers

    Hi! I'm 36, female. I'm Buddhist practitioner, my main lineage is Chinese Mahayana, Pure Land. I also have experience in Vajrayana. I'm interested in Buddhism, Dao, Tai-chi, qi gong, nei gong, nei dan and bagua zhan. I'm Russian living in Balkans for quite a long time. I can speak basic Chinese. I'm practicing every day for several hours. My usual nian fo, reading scriptures etc, as well as qi gong, nei gong etc. I'd be glad you recommend me online and offline courses for serious practice. I've tried one year in Damo Mitchell's academy and like it's structure. I'm looking for masters with good ethical conduct and good moral code. It's the basis we should start from I believe. Right now I'm looking for something that is similar to Damo's Lotus academy. I need tons of explanations because they fit my mental structure I'm interested in offline seminars as well.