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  1. It is certainly interesting but I haven't seen yet such a recipe used in an alchemical method. I'm however familiar with the rasayanic siddha medicine which heavily uses mercury in making tinctures and medicine. In that department the siddhas directly mess with the energetical patterns of the mercury in order to make it safe. But in general the use of poisons being transmuted into medicine is highly sought after.
  2. Greetings Friends!

    I've been a long time lurker here for a couple of years now. I've unnecessarily already developed an attachment to a few members and their wise discernment, knowledge and information. Here to interact and help contribute to the conversation with what little I know of due to my studies, practice and experiences. Mainly interested and into quanzhen longmen, tamil shaiva siddhanta, sri lankan theravada buddhism, hermetism and runic magic/icelandic staves.