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  1. Hello

    Haha great picture.
  2. Favorite translations

    What are your favorite translations of the I Ching? I like the Wilhelm/Baynes version a lot and own a hard copy, but have found Stephen Karcher's Mothering Change I Ching to be helpful as well. I recently found the Eclectic Energies I Ching online, and I enjoyed it. I have also read a few of the other I Ching sites online, including Cafe Au Soul. I feel I get something a little different from each one, and I learn new things about the I Ching and various hexagrams. It seems that each different translation provides a little piece of the puzzle, as long as the translation is in line with the original intended voice.
  3. Hello

    Thank you, I will read the rules and expectations.
  4. Hello

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I've spent some time over the years looking at posts on the site but never joined. I mainly practice Buddhism, but also do some Taoist stuff, study the I Ching, and do some Krishna devotion as well. I am interested in expanding my horizons a little and opening up my spiritual path to new ideas. Thanks for having me.