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  1. Hey from a newbie!

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  2. Hey from a newbie!

    Hi, hi, and hi! I'm new here and I'm new to the principles of Dao as well. After some unfortunate life events ( like mental trauma and physical illnesses to name a few ) I found the concepts of Daoism and QiGong, and let me tell you, my soul has been craving for something like this. It's hard to learn and make your own these concepts when the people around you are actively stopping you from doing it, the illnesses are getting in the way as well, but every day, even for 5 minutes I'm trying to learn something new in this area, I'm trying to find out who I really am beneath all of these layers of programming. Currently, I'm re-reading the Spring Forest QiGong 1 manual for the second time, I know it's not wise to try to learn it by force (like learning a history lesson for example, haha) but I hope that one day all of the concepts will be understood naturally by my very soul. I even experienced the "we are energy beings" multiple times today - a family member made me very angry and my lamp went off by itself every time I entered the room, when I exited the room, the light turned on again, several times this happened, which in turn made me even more furious ( I know, silly... ) I'm still gathering the energy to start the Spring Forest QiGong practice and to incorporate it into my daily routine, but the illness I have (my stomach have fallen in my pelvis area pressing on a nerve and pressing on my large intestine) is leaving me bedbound for a large majority of the day. I'll start one day since I'm getting very sad and desperate and want something good in my life. Thank you for reading, nice to meet you all