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  1. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    Yes taking an old man out for super good food every day for on month and spending over 30k on his health and wellness so he can teach me just one form is your definition of torture. You are absolutely ridiculous
  2. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    How can I steal when I never attended or paid for it. Do you know how stupid you sound
  3. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    Are you also going to say I never learnt from David verdesi, or do I have to produce bank statements lololol.
  4. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    I took that back,, I feel like posting. I don’t care about you people. This is just so funny.
  5. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    Now I will say this… during the time all of you are shouting that I am a scam, I am simply going to higher and higher levels. I am actually laughing at all of you.
  6. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    All of your rudeness knows bo bounds. I have tons of footage with me and doo Wai. You people are so stupid. Plus heavenly Dao has nothing to do with doo Wai. And about the seminar I have already learnt similar methods from David Verdesi, I was simply curious the same was going to be taught in the seminar.
  7. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    Grandmaster Doo Wai teaching me. This was years ago by the way. As you can see because he can’t speak well it was very hard for him to teach me this form. I learnt the whole form over 1 month. He told me there’s 30 levels to this and wanted me to stay in LA for a year the learn the whole thing. Sadly I couldn’t because of other responsibilities. I truly treasure the time I spent with him. It wasn’t easy and often he would swear because of frustration. He truly went above and beyond to make an effort to teach me even in his health condition.
  8. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

  9. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

  10. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    It doesn’t matter doo Wai was coerced into saying this. Plus heavenly Dao has nothing to do with Bak fu pai. As soon as I figure out how to upload attachments ill show you pictures of me and doo Wai. Plus doo Wai was only one of my teachers.
  11. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    Many teach how to emit the electricity. I have different methods. There’s many ways to do it. Mopai and gengmenpai are different. Robert pengs in different. Bak fu pai is different, mine is different. Plus This not my main teachings. I did not sneak my way in. On the telegram chat my name is clearly there. I did not sign up for it. I visited doo Wai much before the pandemic.
  12. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    Hi I wasn’t able to reply for many hours. If you really want to join please schedule a consultation with me. I don’t just scan anyone. Hi I never joined the neigong seminar though I did express interest. Yes I am headmaster of heavenly Dao and I am always learning more from other lineages and masters. Heavenly dao has nothing to do with jiang feng, how could I rehash teachings. Most of the systems of heavenly Dao are listed here https://www.taoistalchemy.org/high-level-systems/ surely I am not as evil as you all make me out to be. Let’s talk about Dao and cultivation in this thread.
  13. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    You may but it may be harder to perceive the energy. What foundation methods have you done and do you have an energetic attainment in lower dantian? However cultivation is not really based on lower dantian tbh. It is just learning and mastering the daoism in this world that known makes cultivation a bit easier. I see in you that you know the difference between a daoist and a cultivator. This is very good. when you reach perception level you will be able to cultivate any energy you want.
  14. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    Hi yes 500 each. Then for Haotian cultivation methods school it is free of charge and only for select students only. In Haotian school we actually train cultivation, you will be able to just perceive thunder and lighting or let’s say even celestial thunder and lightning as an example and just cultivate it. To learn how to cultivate is like learning how to use a new muscle or like learning how to swim. It is not easy but can be done, once you learn to cultivate you never need to use the breathing again. you will also be able to cultivate any energy you wish, including energy from different celestial realms. this is all at the perception level.
  15. Introducing Heavenly Dao School

    You know what first of all heavenly Dao is not about Bak fu pai. and I was a student of gmdw for 3 years, I spent over 50k learning from him and paying for his food every other day while supposed true disciples did nothing for him that he had to ask me for Chinese lunch everyday. I also gave him a bath and shower twice because the hospital he was in did not care for him well, and I also cleaned up his feces from a hotel floor when he could not hold it, how dare you talk to me about elderly abuse! also a learnt heavenly Dao after I learnt from doo Wai. When i was learning from doo Wai I did not have heavenly Dao.