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  1. Hi... What is Dao Bums really..?

    Ah yes, I have already bookmarked it and will browse through the threads leisurely. I don't want to be one of those people that "missed the memo" hahah. If I notice a thread that I can actually contribute to, I will happily sign up. Despite running WF, I wouldn't say I am in a position to educate anyone who is reasonably beyond the "beginner" level. I was searching for "occult forums" purely out of curiosity and to lurk and learn from
  2. Hi... What is Dao Bums really..?

    Thank you! I currently have my hands full with my own site, and I note that Alchemical.Garden required more active participation than I will probably be able to provide. So for now I think I will mostly lurk and provide light contributions to where I can. Later on, perhaps I will have the capacity to join AG
  3. Hi... What is Dao Bums really..?

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. I'll look into this site some more, and if I find something I write for my own forum would be useful here, I'll try to port it over as well to Dao Bums
  4. Hi... What is Dao Bums really..?

    Hi! I was googling "occult forums" and I came accross this site. I also run an occult and magical discussion forum. I'm just curious as to what this site is? I genuinely mean no offense, and of course I gather Daoism is one of the main topics... but would it also be safe to assume that, occult practices, celibacy and... "farming" (?) are also topics here? As I said above I run an occult site, and as such my interests are very much aligned with anything of an occult or esoteric nature. Aside from that, there isn't too much to say about me. I like Minecraft. I'm not very autistic. Very curious site. I wish you well.