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  1. origin(s) of Daoism / wu2 ji2

    LOL. Not suited for all humans. It is PERFECT for EVERY human. If one did not laugh at the Tao, it would not be Tao.
  2. origin(s) of Daoism / wu2 ji2

    Absolutely wrong. Tibetan Buddhism has its origins in Bon.
  3. Benjamin Hoff's "Tao Te Ching"

    My favorite versions : Red Pine Hua CHing-Ni Dan Reid, which includes Heshang Gong commentaries Yi Wu
  4. Benjamin Hoff's "Tao Te Ching"

    I own Hoff's version. Its an ok translation. He bases his translation on that he self studied how to read CHinese and that the interpretations of some material by most people are wrong because in the era of when the TTC was written they did not supposedly speak and write like today. Hoff also claims he is one of a handful translators who actually are practicing Taoists. Huge claim I think. Lastly, in his notes on some chapters he has a tendancy to go on environmental social justice rampages. And many of his "facts" about the environment are flat out wrong and climate warming fear mongering.
  5. Taijitu and the TTC

    You don't honestly believe TaiChi was invented around that time do you? I believe it is as ancient as the Yiching. It just wasn't transmitted in writing.
  6. Taijitu and the TTC

    The Taijitu, and more specifically, just the YinYang is mentioned I think only twice in the TTC. Why do you all think that LaoZi only spoke of YinYang twice in this volume of work?
  7. Hello from Texas

    I am temporary in Texas. My next stop is another world to be determined yet. Good day to all. -PEACE-