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  1. I'm interested to know what the daoist interpretation of reiki is, which forms of chi, yin/yang, how and why? My understanding of reiki is that it is 'divine' energy (from the heavens?) flowing through the person acting as a medium, in order to heal the receiver
  2. I was advised to be skeptical of fluff and Damo adding his own things into his practices, but I've also been told that he knows what he's talking about. I'd like to hear any anecdotal experiences about Damos academy/books/resources, whether you found it to be good, if you hit any glass ceilings with his methods, if he's credible, reliable, and as knowledgeable as he seems. How accurate is the theory that he presents in his books? Or if you are knowledgeable of neigong theory, whats your opinion on his work and information? Which parts of his theory are credible, which parts aren't? Any and all anecdotes and opinions are appreciated
  3. Wuji Posture

    So I've started practicing wuji posture, as outlined by Damo in his book, and I've noticed that my calves really start to burn, and if i hold it too long, they'll cramp. I'm making sure to not put weight on my knees, to relax my hips and pelvis (without tucking pelvis), relax lower back, put weight on front part of feet (spreading toe bones), and have torso leaning slightly forward to straighten spine. My whole waist region is pretty relaxed besides my inner thighs. Am i doing something wrong that makes my calves take extra strain? Maybe leaning too far forward/putting weight too far forward? Also, I've noticed that once I'm in position, whenever i move slightly, my whole body creaks (i think its the tendons/ligaments), like everything at once. It's quite a weird sensation. Is that supposed to happen? Good sign/bad sign?
  4. Is there a daoist equivalent for kundalini awakening? What type of energy is shakti/what is the daoist name? It is described as creative force, which makes me think that it is something other than qi (also because shakti is differentiated from prana, which is chi?), although it is described as warm and electric in sensation which matches the description of yang chi? If it is yin or yang, why the base of the spine? Does it reside in your LM dantien, and rise up the spine because it is a major channel of energy?
  5. Can anyone recommend me a book(s) they found useful/informative about combinations of food (cool/warm etc) for neigong practices? Or just about traditional meals eaten by neigong practitioners, specific food items etc. Anything on the subject is appreciated
  6. Wuji Posture

    Damo lists 8 experiences/sensations, one of which is 'diao', which is defined as shaking as a result of the movement of the more yang forms of chi. Is this shaking equivalent to that?
  7. Wuji Posture

    Still busy processing payment, not able to contact them properly yet. But you're right, I'm going to edit it to include damo. And this is only my 5th or so time doing wuji Edit: I will definitely ask damo asap, just making sure I'm not doing something horribly wrong in the meantime
  8. Wuji Posture

    Today when I was practicing wuji, I started shaking, like a lot. I noticed that today I managed to drop my pelvis and tailbone much more effectively than before, I could really feel it 'sinking' into my body. Also managed to use my kua much much more effectively today, could feel it in the exact areas that damo described. Is the shaking a good/bad sign? I've heard people mentioning it before. It was a very interesting feeling, like spontaneous energy arising in different places. The more in-position i was, the more i shook (e.g shook way harder when sinking pelvis and tailbone) Edit: I'm referring specifically to Damos system here
  9. Wuji Posture

    I feel that's the reason that one should do shadow work while/before practicing neigong and other similar practices. I get the feeling that relying on clearing your energy systems and building qi to clear your mental blockages and insecurities won't really work too well, or is unreliable. Ya gotta focus on both sides of the coin. That's more or less why I wanted to do a cleansing and shadow work journey before i even properly get into neigong, so that I know exactly how my insecurities manifest etc. Also glad that I already kind of built a foundation around various other spiritual/shamanic practices that focus on shadow work, integration, introspection and reaching inner peace before learning about neigong
  10. Wuji Posture

    Ahh thanks, that was very helpful
  11. Wuji Posture

    Very interesting, thanks for the insight I've heard the term waigong being thrown around a bit, but its definition seems to have gone over my head? What exactly is it, and how does it differ from neigong?
  12. Wuji Posture

    I can relate to this... A couple years ago I was on mescaline at a festival, and I became so insanely connected to my surroundings that I had to be alone for hours. Every time a person came near me I would become them, I'd be thinking their thoughts, feeling their emotions. I would get completely absorbed into them and their karma. It was really difficult, I couldn't be around my friends or anyone, just had to hermit out for a bit until I wasn't tripping as hard. I can imagine if it was like that but x100, it would be seriously hard to live in society with so many people Edit: What made it even harder was that i could see what everyone was struggling with, I was thinking their thoughts, feeling their conflicts (especially other people having difficulties in their trips) I wanted to help them to resolve their karma, to show them what they were doing and thinking that was generating karma but I couldn't - they wouldn't understand, and I couldn't speak
  13. Wuji Posture

    What exactly is ling?
  14. Wuji Posture

    Yeah that's probably a good point. I just find it fascinating though, and want to expand my knowledge, while focusing on practice from a single tradition. I like hearing what different people have to say, I am a scholar (I do take religious studies just not as a major), so I do still take what people say with a pinch of salt (freeform and various others encouraged me to do that as well). Mostly I'm just interested in the theory behind it as a side project for interest's sake. I like researching and learning stuff
  15. Your opinion about reiki?

    So if you have a lot of chi (likie someone who's a relatively high level) and try reiki on someone would you like accidentally faqi and fry them or something?
  16. Wuji Posture

    @freeform What exactly is the definition of a chakra according to daoist nei gong/dan? I haven't heard people using the term much, but i remember reading that in lvl 72 of mo pai 'all 72 chakras are open'? (Yes, i know the info about mo pai is mostly bullshit, you guys have made sure to make me aware of that, thats why I'm asking)
  17. Wuji Posture

    So is neigong opening the channels, building the container, accumulating chi and circulating/concentrating the chi, and nei dan the alchemy that comes after this,, refining/combining chi and converting it into different forms?
  18. Wuji Posture

    And this container is 'built' partly through induction of the earth's yin field, which we need a correct wuji pose to be able to conduct through us - hence importance of opening yong quan? Also through aligning our centre of gravity with our dantien, because gravity is a yin field? And through attention/awareness of the dantien with our mind, because the mind is also essentially yin? Is that correct? So is the 'container' itself made of yin, and the stuff we 'store inside' it yang?
  19. Wuji Posture

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is the definition of 'dan'?
  20. Wuji Posture

    Is that the shakes?
  21. Wuji Posture

    Yeah I feel that I'm not confident enough with my knowledge to be able to learn 2 different systems at the moment, I'm still at the point of accidentally making up chinese words
  22. Wuji Posture

    Yeah to be honest I'm still trying to figure out in terms of flexing and contracting and sensation exactly what it is
  23. Wuji Posture

    Ahh, there we go Thanks for the insight, appreciate it. I'll get on it
  24. Wuji Posture

    Okay, I'll take your advice. Piyadasi mentioned its probably to do with my kua, so I'll focus on developing that a bit, and keep my weight on the front of my feet. And I can imagine - I used to hate being hungry, now I actually really enjoy the sensation in my stomach, and just being light and not bloated
  25. Wuji Posture

    That sounds like something Damo would say. He did mention that the kua is fundamental, and often the source of problems in posture. I'm still familiarising myself with the kua, so I'll play around a bit and see if i can grasp what you're talking about. Thanks for the advice