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  1. Fresh (re)Start

    Thanks for the welcome Ilumairen! Who should I reach to create my own PPD?
  2. Fresh (re)Start

    Hello everyone, I used to be on here religiously when the Dao Bums was the Tao Bums! I took a long period off of internal practices due to experiencing more than I was expecting, a lot quickly than I anticipated. I struggled with balancing the mundane world with the spiritual, especially on a psychological level. I was quite young when I started and needed to do a lot of learning and maturing. Now that time has passed, I've experienced more in the "real" world and I'm in a better position to have a better handle of both worlds at the same time. The reason I've created a new account instead of resuming the old is simply because I want to disconnect from the past self and not be associated with my former self. I've grown and I'm no longer that same person. I was involved in different systems and want to start fresh, without an affiliation. The reason for my username is not to say that I am the 'embodiment of knowledge', my ego isn't that big! I know that I know very little. I wanted a username to remind me that the knowledge I have gained, whether proven true or false, has been used and become a part of me on my journey, instead of acquiring knowledge to sit there, untested and speculation. The last thing I want to be is an 'armchair practitioner', and I hope the username serves as a reminder that practice and experience comes first. As the legendary Bruce Lee eloquently put it: Chances are, I won't be as engaging as I was before, mostly because I don't think I know as much as I thought I did, and I really don't want to engage in debates that often end up going nowhere. My time on the forum will mostly be to keep log of my physical training and internal practices. I'm happy to be back here. ~ EmbodiedKnowledge ~