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    'ello. My name is Haquinn Darle, and I have joined this forum in seeking knowledge on the forgotten arts of the past. I'm most curious as to what level of mentality and physicality can be reached through the practices of both Taoism and the other respected forms of study, such as Buddhism. I don't have any physical copies and literature on these topics so my understanding may be a bit off, but I do read available (free) PDFs and other online translations... if you have any PDFs or translations that aren't freely available to the public, don't mind giving me some(you didn't hear this from me though). Since most of you here are probably experts and even teachers of this subject, I wish to be taught and hopefully enlightened, so please do take care of me. Thank you. P.S. I do hope that you do not mind my shotty English, it's not my native tongue and I still have some grammatical and punctual mistakes here and there and mostly everywhere.