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  1. your recommendation list of teachers

    thanks for the lead, got some research to do. yeah but the workshops are always on the other side of the world and are overpriced when all you really need is a video recording
  2. your recommendation list of teachers

    theres a chinese saying, "teach too little, and gods will punish you, teach too much, and gods will punish you" in a way its a good thing, how it leaves room to get creative when there are clear gaps in knowledge. gaps to experiment and discover new things. but it gets you thinking of how much the practice changed and evolved and how much of it was lost before people discovered writing. i bet tai qi was so much more powerful back then than it is now, its like inventing a gun and giving one to an enemy / your kids. ofcourse thats illogical. same with the healing practices, you want your family to prosper, not your neighbours. i think what we have here online has that same thing going on. its all but skimmed milk here. these teachers know this. there was this teacher known as dr yan xin, who disappears with rumours the chinese government wants his talents and teachings reserved for themselves. all his content vanishes. books and audio recording just wiped. stem cells, bone marrow practices, sex practices. sounds like one big clickbait to get more attention / profit - might be chias line of thinking. but i cant speculate until i try i guess i thought iron shirt is one of fundamentals, have you found a better source?
  3. your recommendation list of teachers

    thats one way to peak someones interest, describe it like its a secret that few teach. that its hard painful work but somehow keeps you commited. i like that about forums. this way you know when theres something valuable to uncover, but shouldnt be shared so freely. otherwise you wouldnt be the only one with that something special. im in to cold therapy, and i think theres so much potential there in combination with qi gung. and thinking with your body rather than your mind. being able to make unconscious habits of qi practice
  4. your recommendation list of teachers

    so what kind of qigung topics are you into? have you bought any of Mitchell's courses?
  5. your recommendation list of teachers

    well there we are. i have some googling to do. thanks! so youre saying that chia has this habit of underemphasising or skipping key information about the things he teaches?
  6. your recommendation list of teachers

    yeah i listened to his podcast going to sleep, really enjoyed it. how he talks about the dantian needing to be first formed and that it isnt already there ready to use whenever like other practitioners say. he also pointed out (and contradicted mantak) about 'universal orbit' being more unconscious and un-intentional. its like a body habit that only comes about from advanced training. where mantak just says, consciously do it - it will work. the only thing is that he doesnt a written format, other than just the one simple book that doesnt go deep in to anything at all.
  7. your recommendation list of teachers

    thanks! yeah i got that impression about mantak even in posts dating in 2005, i really wonder how many people become interested in qi gung simply because they heard on youtube that they too can become multiorgasmic. i dont know if im using it wrong but the search doesnt give me anyting related to list of popular online teachers? literally "teacher" / mentor search term gives me nothing. even the term "recommend" how about you personally, who / where do you source your great wisdom of qi gung from?
  8. your recommendation list of teachers

    I was introduced to qigong, like many of others, by mantak chia. but having studied some of his work i find it difficult to follow (and understand) and because there's so many methods out there i feel like there really should be someone much easier to learn from. who do you personally recommend that teaches in Book format or video - other than mantak chia or micheal winn? what im interested in (or at least would like a different approach to) - dan tien strengthening practices - universal orbit - sexual kungfu - inner smile - third eye - daily practical exercises i know youtube has plenty exercises but i dont like jumping from teacher to teacher to later find out im practicing incompatible or completely different methods that dont give any room to progress and learn deeper with. theres always a paywall somewhere, which i understand but, i want to double-down one just one instructor that has as much coverage on topics as mantak. i feel like mantak has so much popularity mainly because of the amount of content he has available. ive not come across any one else that comes even close to covering so many areas in qigong. for example - sexual kungfu and seminal retention. any suggestions? and yes ive tried google, mantak chia is the only one that comes up for SKF in detail. if not, i guess ill just stick with mantak. its not like the 'million dollar point' method is all that bad, right?... Right? Cheers