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  1. An AYP'er looking for other Ways

    I also got inspired to look further, week into deep meditation, after reading Seeker's review of AYP. I had some experience with TM a few years back (also as a big Lynch fan and generally just susceptible to the mystique probably). After learning the technique I found out TM wants me to attend weekly "tune ups". At least for a month after the start of practice they wanted me there religiously, and so I went. At one of the tune up meetings they were showing videos of Maharishi as usual and adding commentaries to what Maharishi said, partly because it was hard to understand his accent. I had some questions and was expecting an honest, intelligent answer. But TM teachers are not actually allowed to talk their hearts out as they please. Their ways are very scripted, and I assume that's what Maharishi wanted. That was a big red flag for me, because if the meditation is there to awaken creativity and intelligence, than teachers should embody that in the way they conduct themselves. Instead it was as if Guru didn't trust anyone to do the job well, and scripted the hell out of his teaching. I couldn't hang with it because it seemed very contrived and insincere to me. Offers of upgrades and fancy hotel retreats started coming in shortly after initiation. I discovered that initial mantra was only an entry level and that I could aspire to potentially spend thousands of dollars on certain upgrades to my practice. It started to feel like it was a bit of a scam. When I found AYP and tried the deep meditation I was excited at first to discover that there is another technique so similar to TM but more transparent and generous. In doing my due diligence and researching true accounts of the practice, I found Seeker's review and became alert. Kundalini, pranayama, all those foreign terms with unknown meanings - it better be trustworthy and not some fiddling about. I honestly never even thought that a spiritual practice can be harmful, I just thought it will at worst not yield any results. Anyway, I am so glad that I found this forum to read up on real accounts of spiritual processes and educate myself some. I'll start with a few new reads recommended here as well as Shamatha practice. I feel my decision to stick to a practice is set strongly this time around and I want to avoid any cult like scams to ensure continued practice. The amount of people selling stuff with a promise of total bliss out and enlightenment is just ridiculous. Thanks y'all!
  2. Hi!

    I just found this forum and I’m hoping it can be a good resource for my spiritual practice. I’ve been practicing using an Advanced Yoga Practices website as a guide, past week or so. I got really excited about it, but I don’t want to spend my time on something that is a dead end or incorrect. I’m new to spiritual processes, had a hard time sticking around Zen meditation some years ago, and discontinued my TM practice after a few months in. Long time nothing, and just recently got interested in engaging in a steady practice again. It sure would be hella nice to find a reliable vehicle for enlightenment, preferably a solid and unspoiled. Glad to be here!