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  1. Looking for my own way

    Hi guys. University student here and happy to be here. I accidentally stumbled about some articles and videos about internal cultivation, and thought I'd give it a try. I'm not religious nor a believer in anything spiritual, but I thought I couldn't dismiss it without trying, so here I am, hopefully with a mind open enough and a determination strong enough. I hope we'll have a fruitful time together. Since I'm a beginner to all of this, I was wondering where I could start from? I found a few books and they seem quite complicated for me. They seem obscured on purpose to hide information from the common people? As for the "online courses", there are quite a few and it's hard to tell who's a con artist and who's the real deal, and I don't think I can afford them at the moment anyways. I would be thankful for any guidance. Looking forward to find my own way and to follow it alongside you guys! Nash