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  1. I am that I am

    You don't get rid of the mind you just go beyond it. You no longer identify the mind as you. It's just a tool now. You can still use it for it's everyday practical purposes. The mind is a beautiful thing but it should not be running your life. As William Shakespeare said "Love sees not with it's eyes but it's mind. therefore winged cupid is painted blind". For the mind is the physical manifestation of duality. for as long as you try to see the world with the mind all you will ever see is separation. And like cupid you well shot your arrows of desire willy-nilly at one experience to the next. Until you come across psyche the soul and you to trip and fall into your self cuting yourself on your own arrow of desire.
  2. Who am I Why am I here What is my purpose These are the three questions everyone here has ask them self. sometimes it's can be more subconsciously than consciously. But they all have been asked. Until these three questions are answered the story or the journey of seeking will continue. for most it will be lifetimes before these questions are truly answered. These answers cannot be answered by the mind. They cannot be given to you by someone else. They must come from within. So I asked you today who are you why are you here and what is your purpose.
  3. I am that I am

    The mind is the trap. You must go beyond the mind. Any study is just mental masturbation. The secret is just to realize that you already are enlightened and allow the experience to just happen. The human being can never become enlightened. The human being is just the experiencer of creation nothing more. The I am has always been enlightened. The I am is freedom it has no structure no rules you will never find it within a a book or a philosophy.
  4. I am that I am

    Hello everyone, this is my first time ever posting In a forum. So it's a new experience for me. I have in the past tried to stay away from interactions of this sort. Yet as of late, I have had a New perspective. I believe this is a part where I'm supposed to tell you something about myself. I am that I am an embodied master in service. Which essentially just means I am realized. This does not make me special or unique. All soul beings in creation are all ready enlightened. They just haven't realized it yet. I know before posting this what the reaction will be. Most will say I'm just making this up, and my response to that would be absolutely. I am just making it up, But that doesn't make it not true. Enlightenment is a natural given. All one has to do is assume they are becoming enlightened and allow it to happen organically and effortlessly. The humans only responsibility in enlightenment is to experience what it is like to become enlightened, everything else is just a distraction. The wisdom of the soul and the I am takes care of everything else. For when you assume, all the energies of creation come in to serve you. So when you stop the seeking and the searching, and just allow yourself to experience it. That when you truly become a master.