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  1. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Normal? I learned more from this book in an hour than I have in 3 months of trying to piece everything together. No exaggeration. Your timing is impeccable. Thanks a bunch!
  2. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Thanks!! I have a copy of the e-book already. So far I feel like it's different for everyone. For example, one author almost demonizes Carl Jung as a dabbler, but without knowing much about Jung when mine activated I was instinctively aware of the subconscious shadow at work in me as well as the collective unconscious, and not only vey quickly found out about but purchased and read (parts of) the red book, understanding easily what Jung was describing. I don't think any single one way, or one person's story, or one method even is THE way. Rather it all seems to be a mosaic.
  3. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Yes! That is the book I had originally started reading too
  4. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Hi Conan, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. I found it interesting that you used Gopi Krishna's chart as comparison. Absolutely my experience with Kundalini, 20 years ago when if first happened was an accident. I didn't know what it was and was completely traumatized by it and wondered about it throughout my whole life when, I guess I was ready to accept the truth about it. I can't understand why people pursue such an experience. I wouldn't recommend it to very many types of people. Monks, for example, are possibly reasonable candidates. As for myself, when it wakes up I have to dramatically adjust to the changes and it's painful. Very difficult. I have a positive outlook because of my age and experience, however, both my inner and outer world has been smashed to pieces! I'm grateful I didn't have the experience of Gopi Krishna, that seems pretty intense. I did and do get unusual physical feelings of heat. It's not just heat, it flushes the skin. For example it is winter and I will have no explanation to give for why the right side of my face and body are red. Must be the wind, i have to conjecture vaguely. I don't find very many people writings helpful, other than as confirmation that I'm not the only one persevering like this, because individual experiences vary widely and dramatically. One person's experience can seem totally foreign unless I listen very closely, when sometimes I can see the strange experience they are relating are just the collection of circumstances, thoughts, emotions that kundalini used to teach them. Dogmas don't work one iota here! I appreciate this. You seem very good at your work! Thank you
  5. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

  6. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Yup! Not just neighbours, as in ppl that live in my super small town that are all up in your business and gossiping about what you did before you even thought about doing it, but my workplace is suuuuper nosey/gossipy/ certain family members and other persons are passive aggressive to the point I've started learning to just communicate with certain ppl by making no evaluations about things or people and only observations and often repeat back what they've said by dropping their subtle hints and just stating "if I understand you, you would like ____." And my worst enemies have always surprised me by being ppl i was close to Also, my mother is really certain of the time and I was her only child so there's a good chance she is correct, although my wallet sized birth certificate does not record the time (i checked). This is kind of exciting!
  7. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Wait... are you calling me old??! Shhh I look young for my age! That video was so peaceful. Imagine how colourful those trees are just before the leaves fall!
  8. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    That was insanely accurate. Wow!
  9. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    I looked at the link. I looked up the image, found it in colour, read some other things about it. I could study this for days and weeks and months. I have NO idea what it means but it's just so striking. The idea that its a human body, the spine indicated by the wall with the gates, but yet it's a land mass, the shape of which is like a resting dragon. People and animals and objects symbolically acting upon it in different regions. The celestial aspect of the big dipper... It doesn't just go into thee brain, it really makes you think and rethink. Or it makes me think anyway. Woaaahh
  10. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    I have it on scribd and doesn't look too long. My list of books just got yuuuuge! It's amazing how differently yet similarly people have experienced and tried to describe it. Some people's writings haven't sat well with me at first or just seemed, for example, a bit too weird. Thinking on them over a short period of time however, I start to see that's just how their minds were able to process what they were struggling to grasp. I had begun another one by Gopi but left off at the first chapter, maybe this one will get in between my ears instead. He wrote a lot! I had to text my mother to ask what time I arrived. Omg she is now reliving my whole birth
  11. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    That's very generous of you! Sept. 8, 1977 8:58 am Calgary, Canada
  12. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Hi again, sorry, is the golden flower part of the tao? I have a copy of the tao in my hands and am not finding an obvious reference to it. Thank you
  13. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    September 8th -- incidentally is the feast day of the nativity of the virgin mary in roman catholicism. But an eggsemplary catholic I am not -- oops!
  14. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Thank you Anand! Fun fact: chicken bums are called vents. I have many chickens. Not many eggs at the moment, it's winter. I really love breakfast! And second breakfast! E
  15. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    When i started changing my life, (im getting divorced) both inside and out as a result of K, I asked for my creative block to be removed. I've been up to my elbows in diapers for close to 20 years in a really difficult relationship. I used to be super inspired. I want my creativity back and my throat has felt constricted and choked and like there is something stuck in it ever since I asked for it (prayed for it?) back.