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  1. Is it true with decreasing sperm count and semen quality? Decreasing sperm count is nature's way of saying we don't want more of you. It is happening in developed countries. Evident in Japan. It will put us in troubling situation. There will be more not so productive elderly than working age group. We need to address both declining and deteriorating environment and solve falling birth rate.
  2. I was reaching similar conclusion. 🙏
  3. @stirling @Indiken @forestofemptiness Here is what I came across on Buddhism subreddit few years ago Schizophrenia, Understanding Delusion, and Buddhist Philosophy
  4. @forestofemptiness @Cleansox I was watching Damo Mitchell's video on Qi Gong Quackery. I have seen him and his websites recommended on this forum in several posts and for right reason. About a month ago I was going through description of his video series on MCO. In which explicitly state people with psychiatric problems should stay away from MCO practice and he mentions it was an intermediate to advanced level practice. Well back to the Qi Gong Quackery video. I haven't watched complete video yet but listened to him speaking about who should stay away from Qi Gong. One thing I liked about Damo Mitchell he is a straight shooter. There is no sugarcoating or defending of things. First group of people he mentions are those with psychiatric problems or with a troubled mind. I was saddened to know hear it. But I realized I needed to hear it from someone. I had this thought about taiji on back of my mind. Can you give me any pointers? Online resources?
  5. I don't know what you actually mean by this but I do have thick eyebrows. I am not sure it will. Or if it is even safe for person like me. My first post was flagged by mods becasue it seemed disturbing to them. When I followed upon reason why it was not approved mod told me so and approved within few days. When my post become finally live it got replies mentioning starting on foundations and focusing on grounding practices and staying away from "powerful" stuff. Another aspect of it is that Qigong and Daoism tend to more secular and agnostic. They include both practice and philosophy. I find philosophy of which is more aligned with Buddhism which is devoid of theistic assumptions. They don't seem as dogmatic when compared with traditional yoga system I have seen.
  6. As title suggests. I am new to qigong and daoism. So don't know which paths are right for me. How things are structured in it. I am mostly looking for practices which build basics and foundation. Aid in keeping mind in reality. And centered. Recently I am having increased troubles with anxiety, irritability, anger and hostility. I was hoping qigong practices can help in managing these and other mental health problems. Basically I want to know about practices helpful and safe for people with mental illness.
  7. I had psychotic relapse after retaining semen. Initially I liked increased energy levels, improvements in cognitive abilities. I came at better acceptance of my mental illness. After few days I started thinking that all girls around me were attracted to me. It was exciting at first. I started getting interested in religion and spirituality. I don't know when I became psychotic. I started having self-referencing thoughts. I don't remember many things in detail. I want to mention that I had taken treatment for psychosis. I have read it quite a few times that semen retention has caused psychotic breakdown for people. Some cases it unmasks latent psychosis. In mine I had psychotic relapse. Thing I want to know if it is safe for a person like me to practice taoist sexual methods. It is highly likely I didn't practice these correctly as I was referencing books and a teacher. Or I should just stay away from them. And if there are other taoist methods which can help with mental health. Another thing I want to say is I am not fond of spiritual aspect of taoism. Or any other religion for that matter. You guys might find it off-putting and annoying. I found these things way complicated and difficult to understand. And mainstream religions psychosis inducing. I was and still am solely interested in physical aspect of taoism. Quite similar to yoga.