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  1. Vegan or vegetarian in Daoism

    Im vegan and i like the philosophy the definition of it is
  2. Gaming Corner- What's your game

    I play almost all genres grew up in the glorious times of Real time Strategy games and First person shooters @thelerner you should explore the infinite worlds of Vrchat with your oculus quest if you find the time the game is free (its basically a social meetup game where users can create their own worlds and avatars theres alot to see from japanese temple to huge fantasy worlds) If anyone wants to play we probably can find a game we have in common either pm me or add me on discord Milo#8844
  3. Greetings to all

    Hey thelerner thanks for the welcome and the link im already a step ahead ive read through lots of daobums threads concerning the golden flower, and some about qi gong neidan neigong quanzhen chan buddhism and im afraid the more i read the less i know. Your collection was really interesting to read through and also the anwsers we got from jj/april but its still a mystery to me and it seem like the more i read about different paths to enlightenment or x goals there more it seems that its the same in all teachings just differently packed.
  4. Greetings to all

    Im interested in Chan Buddhism and Taoism and i just finished reading the secrets of the golden flower translated by cleary but im kinda stuck on how to progress from here on out.