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  1. Chronic Fatigue Healing Path

    I will try. Do you recommended any particular brand of supplement, or supplier of fresh roots? I’m uk based.
  2. Chronic Fatigue Healing Path

    Thanks I’ll check that out - might provide a supplement to my zhang zhuang practice, which I’m enjoying. The exercises are actually becoming more powerful as I get used to them. My performance is a lot more ‘fluid’ now and I’m feeling the benefits, to an extent. The only thing I still struggle with is the ‘standing like a tree’ posture, which is deceptively simple. I can manage 5 minutes if I’m lucky
  3. Chronic Fatigue Healing Path

    Hey guys, My name is Frank - I’m here to gain advice in fostering a practice to heal my chronic fatigue, which I’ve been suffering from for the past 5 years. I am trying conventional solutions such as watching what I eat (I’m on a paleo diet) and meditating daily, but I’m now looking to work on myself at a deeper level - that is, with more active energy work. I’ve very recently begun following the Qi gong exercises in The Way of Energy by Lam Kam Chuen. I am however open to advice in extending/complimenting this practice with their avenues. For example, I have been looking at the work of mantak chia, and his book ‘Healing Light of The Tao’ looks interesting. The Way of Energy seems more practical than anything so I’m also looking to learn more about the philosophy of the Chinese healing arts. I’m willing to do what it takes to get well again and regain my vitality. I lost it in the first place due to several factors; stress at work; overtraining at the gym - preceded by a culmination of negative experiences stemming back to childhood. I spend most of the day in bed - I need to do something now as I’m dying a slow death and my doctors have basically admitted there is nothing they can do other than dose me up on anti depressants. So this is where I’m at now . Approaching the new year of 2021, now seems a good time to set new goals and lay the foundation for a more healthy and energetic me.