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  1. I posted this link on the Welcome section of this Board, but wanted to share it here also. This is a link to a free PDF download of an English translation of Sri Lalitha Sahasranama -- The Thousand Eight Names of Shakti. I hope that there are some here that will enjoy it. Jai https://www.earthafloatpublishing.com/download/sri-lalita-sahasranama-1008-names-of-shakti/
  2. Sri Lalitha Sahasranama is the 1008 Names Of Shakti (even though there are really only 1000 names). There are several English translations that usually are very scholarly and include lots of commentary. However, what I want to share is just an English translation of the Names themselves which was compiled for the devotional practices of any that are interested. This is a free PDF download. I know that anything categorized as free is suspect, but this really is. The work was done about 45 years ago as a devotional exercise. It has only been distributed to close friends of the author over the years. Now, because of all the options available online, he feels that others may enjoy and use it in their lives. The formatting was volunteered and the website space has been donated, so their are absolutely no expenses to be concerned about. Therefore it is free. I thought that this site may be a good place to send it out from. The link is below. Thanks https://www.earthafloatpublishing.com/download/sri-lalita-sahasranama-1008-names-of-shakti/