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  1. Is meditation the only path?

    I've been using meditation to access diffuse based thinking to gather ideas without having analysis paralysis and to help in studies to to further my materialistic adventures. But spiritual meditation techniques are great too and the insights/experiences from them can be very moving. But too much stillness or energy cultivation hinders my material desires and puts me in a hermit zone/depersonalization where functioning with friends, love, society, job get's affected and my ego will take a hit.
  2. Long time lurker

    Thank you for the summary on the rules. They seem very fair and righteous. I'll try my best to abide by them.
  3. Long time lurker

    Hello, Honestly I wanted to make a new account because I woukd like access to the reading material non accessible to non members but I would like to interact too. Personally, I've been lurking, analyzing content on NeiDan/Internal work for a few years here, never needed to make an account because all questions I wanted were already covered. 2 to 3 years back I had a intense UDT Pranothana experience which change my life for that time from messing with advance lvl exercises I shouldn't have. Too many weird paranormal experiences sent me running for help because of the intensity of the experiences. For that I would like to thank SOTG back when he had lonemanpai for free and I did a lot of their advices to bring the yi to the ldt and start working there which helped out tremendously among other things. And a good bunch of information from here also! So thank you for providing a free medium of knowledge to work with!