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  1. Martial Cultivation

    Great you never stopped training )
  2. Martial Cultivation

    Rob - Real martial cultivation is always done with death in mind, knowing that death is inevitable. if you understand this you will cultivate as if your life depends on it. Everything else is superfluous.
  3. Martial Cultivation

    That is good to hear Gerard, many people read that book and went to Asia after! How is your training going now? Hi Rob we hope to publish it end of November 2020, please have a look on the FB Line of Intent page for updates .
  4. Martial Cultivation

    hi everyone I do not know how many people here practice martial arts, but for those who do - I am editor of an online (PDF) journal called Martial Cultivation Journal. Many of the articles discuss Daoist work within martial traditions. For those who know Liu Hongchieh and Bai Hua from the books of BK Frantzis, we have a series of writings from a Hong Kong disciple of Bai Hua offering a quite different perspective on Liu and Bai Hua's teachings. I am also fortunate to publish Serge Augier's books on Daoism, and run the Flying Monk Talk Show on YT which is easy to find. Happy to discuss any aspects of martial cultivation here. Happy Training! Alex Kozma
  5. hi

    thank you both )
  6. hi

    hi, good to be here, I am a lifelong practitioner of the internal arts, and Editor of an online journal called Martial Cultivation Journal. I wish you all the best in practice and health! Alex Kozma