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    Hi all I've been reading the Dao de jing for a few months and it has an incredible amount of resonance with me. I think daoism is my way of communing with the universe, the only type of spirituality I've found that makes sense to me. My only desire is to quiet my mind. I don't wish to become a sage or reach a different level of consciousness (dont get me wrong id love that but im a realist). My problem is that I keep trying to find the beginning of my path but it's so confusing. I have dabbled with meditation and love it but have had no guidance on how best to do it or even if I should yet. There are so many practices out there which people espouse that I'm really overwhelmed. What hooked me with daoism was its focus on simplicity and humility but the more I dig into it the more it seems I have to be a kung fu master before I even attempt to quiet the monkey mind. I live on a small island in the UK so there is no daoist community to speak of. I'd love the guidance of an experienced daoist to light the path for me but unfortunately this island is rather bereft of any spirituality other than the great bearded one in the sky. I guess im just looking for help to get started. Maybe a gentle kick in the arse in the right direction? Are there any UK daoists out there? Are there online masters who are able to offer guidance? Is Qigong the way forward? Should I still mediate? I have so many questions even though I know Dao is my path. It seemed so simple when I started but not so much now. Thanks for your time.