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  1. The single question of a new one

    I'll propose a 3rd to your Original Question. Diet. Now I don't eat some crazy diet, some do, and I wish to sooner than later. But! I do make sure to drink very clean Water from an Artesian Well. I drink about a gallon a day.
  2. What Exactly Is Chi?

    100% Because physical matter is merely slowed down energy as it is. The Nervous System is equal to Meridians, as the Endocrine System is equal to the Chakras. As most of my beliefs... they are beliefs, theories. But having said that... I think this is the closest answer to the question asked by the OP, so far. I have this recurring idea: "Consciousness is to Mind as Bone is to Body." (By Mind I mean the whole Psychosomatic Entirety, i.e. Body + Brain ) Qi = Consciousness in this line of thinking.
  3. I seek power

    "Nothing on the Top but a Bucket and a Mop & an Illustrated Book about Birds." - Kurt Cobain in Plateau by Nirvana And! The saying "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." is just a discouragement towards good people seeking change told by the powers that be, imho.
  4. Technology

    Just came across this kickstarter, knew I had to share:
  5. Technology

  6. Hello There

    Thanks thelerner for the welcome! I've read the rules here and am impressed by them. Hey silent thunder thanks !
  7. Hello There

    Hi everyone! I go by the name of Lha Bho. I'm here mostly to listen to what the more experienced members have to say. I may chime in here and there to lend a helping hand. A short blurb on how I found my way here: In 2003 I had a mental breakthrough and could no longer relate to Western Philosophy, (not to say I don't appreciate and respect them, I just couldn't connect with them any more). I started reading the Dao De Jing and felt a great sense of wholesomeness. I've heard various people say that they have spent their entire lives just attempting to understand the First Chapter of the Dao De Jing... and lol, I may be the same!