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  1. David Verdesi

    Anyone you'd recommend?
  2. David Verdesi

    What do yall think of David? Also Im interested in John Chang and that type of training would love more info on where to look for that type of stuff.
  3. teacher/direction

    I'm new and have so much I wanna talk about. I need someone I can kind of get some direction from.
  4. Im new here

    Im new here and really interested in alot. This stuff is so fascinating. Also book recommendations.
  5. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    Im new here and don't really know how to navigate this site well yet. I would love help on this topic though. There is so much Im curious about.
  6. New Comer

    Hello Im just figured Id start this page. Not many people around that I can speak to regarding energy, awakening, etc.