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  1. What are you listening to?

    I know, Tool fans can be annoying. Being very guilty at some point, I realized the #1 rule of Fight Club applies. So I'll let this guy make a point or two.
  2. Checking In

    Thank you for your replies! I've gone through couple experiences that I have a strong hunch are a beginners stages of enlightenment - largely ineffable but definitely paradigm shifts. I'm now trying to simply find a simple balance between books or no-books and just sitting wondering at the marvel of everything
  3. Checking In

    Hello! A little about myself. I'm a 52 y.o. retiree living in SoCal. I took the less is more path and just walked away from the grind early. I became a Daoist early this year and am now looking to share this path with fellow students. Interests are reading, recently completing Dao of Physics, Siddhartha (Hesse), and working through the Upanishads. My ventures into nature's playground via surfing and on occasion rockclimbing. There are some light yoga and meditative practices thrown in as well. Audio time includes Allen Watts, Sadhguru, and Lex Friedman. Anyway, that's about it for now- I am very much looking forward to hanging out with the Bums!