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  1. Hello from Southern California

    Thanks for the welcoming, everybody. thelerner, I'm in the fire free zone at the moment, though it is basically scorched earth here temperature-wise. When the state is this hot and on fire as it is now, I think most of us just try and nap our way through it directly in front of a fan (it works for me, at least). RiverSnake, I read the synopsis about Path Notes and it's on my list now. I really appreciate the suggestion. silent thunder, you're totally right, and I'm pretty lucky to be surrounded by about a zillion options. I just have to weed out the not so great ones.
  2. Hello from Southern California

    Thank you for having me. I've developed a meditation practice the past two years that I'm pretty sure has everything to do with a burgeoning interest in exploring martial arts. I have zero experience in the realm, so I'm reading everything I can about the systems to decide on a path I'd like to begin with. I'm really interested in learning as much as I can about the spiritual paths I feel compelled to research, and this forum has already been an incredible resource for me.