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  1. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    Feel free to move the thread, steve. First off thanks for all the replies. Love that this is such an active forum. I found some great takeaways from the Healing Tao Cautions thread. I should be doing more lower Dan Tian work to build energy. I do find the ubiquitous Mantak Chia bashing interesting. I am open to any ideas though as long as they are explained well. Also curious who are the forums beloved guru(s)? So do you recommended not to send energy up the spine? And by Effeminizing do you mean overly polarized towards yin? Is there a way to remasculinize the energy? By Chia's exercises are you referring to sex without ejaculation? How do they program the mind for sexual action?(if its referring to sex without ejaculation I can see how). How can i achieve the same with non-sexual methods
  2. So a little over a year ago now I had come across Mantak Chia's book for sexual cultivation. I was very excited to figure out how to send the energy up the spine and preserve my jing. It's been an interesting journey and its honestly been quite hard for me to cultivate this. At times I experienced extreme fatigue, depression, zits along my spine, etc. After a while it started to get easier though. And I have gained a lot of strength and limberness along my spine during this time. So here is what I am still struggling with now: It seems the more I do 'jing excercises' and send energy up the spine, the greater urge I have to ejaculate. I have tried to force my body not to ejaculate while I am doing lots of 'jing exercises', but this will lead to chronic fatigue, numbness of emotions, and literally waking up in middle of night with strong urge to masturbate and ejaculate. I listen to my body when I get to this point and I feel much better after release. To me, it seems overdoing 'jing exercises' (depending on your cultivation) causes the Jing to become toxic or overloaded with 'negative energy' and then body wants to release. I have currently found a happy medium where I don't do much of these 'jing exercises' and I ejaculate about once a week with my partner. I mostly do other meditations and Qi Gong and purposely avoid doing any pelvic floor exercises. But I would love to be able to cultivate my Jing as much as I want and not have a strong urge to ejaculate. So my question would be is there any other way to ground this energy when I feel this way? I literally start to get negative symptoms if I don't ejaculate in these scenarios, but would much preferably find a different way and save my energies. I also think I may have been overdoing it for my level of cultivation. I would sometimes keep my pelvic floor engaged for several hours.(I wonder if the goal to always have the pelvic floor engaged and be constantly sending up energy?) Doing it this much was be very interesting because when I would do it this much I would sometimes feel like I am on a mushroom trip. Trees starting to look holographic and feel very connected to nature. And what's great is that even when I am not doing the exercises now my visuals are much enhanced. But, asides from the cool visuals, I would start to feel worse and worse the longer I would do this. thanks for any wisdom you throw my way
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    Hello just made an account. I'm hoping to gain some wisdom on taoist sexual practices and preserving sexual energy