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  1. Hi

    Hi thelearner thank for reply me. Can you recommend me which book I should read or should do for beginners like me? I know very little about Daoist,cultivate and meditation.
  2. Hi

    Hi my name sovatty I’m a university student few years ago when I research my school topic in internet about pagoda plan I find some link about meditation and qigong on internet that time when I saw it i think nah what is this Qi it’s just some thing in Chinese novel but I’m intereste in meditation because that I’m so stressed about school projects and I click that video and try practice follow those video it really help me calm my mind so I alway practice meditation from that day until few month ago I found something like air in my belly and it follow my thoughts can move everywhere in my body than I think is this Qi that other talk about? I try to confirm it whit a method I saw in internet about Qi is a healing energy that can heal our body I follow that method by send that air to my arm that hurt when I play football and it really work. Now I try find more information about Qi in internet and I saw this site has a lot of people in this field and a lot of information.that why I’m hear.thank for let me join. sorry for my bad English My grammar is so poor)