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  1. Mo Pai / Nei Kung Level 1 & 2

    Lots to think about here, thanks for the insights. Why did they get evicted? It doesn't make sense why a practice would be detrimental to health when part of the practice itself in later stages is healing. Do we know why this happens? Whats "LDT"?
  2. Mo Pai / Nei Kung Level 1 & 2

    What do you mean by tension practices? From what I gathered Level 1 is 81 hours of meditation filling up dantien and Level 2 is forming it via the same or other meditations. Are you saying prolonged meditations of this cause ill effects or are you referring to potential damaging effects of messing with the Dan tien in level 2 without proper supervision?
  3. Mo Pai / Nei Kung Level 1 & 2

    Hi Lerner, Thanks for this I will check it out. Did he ever provide a reason for this? Seems odd he would just stop after a decade or more of all this from what I gathered from the books. I found out his facebook and its just filled with angry greek political posts. Kinda odd for a guy who trained and practiced meditiation, higher vibrational living and consciousness and chakra alignment.
  4. Mo Pai / Nei Kung Level 1 & 2

    Hey guys, I was referred here by an old reddit post I stumbled upon that said to come here and ask for help. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what Jim taught to do for levels 1-2 or if anyone can point me in the right direction. I've pasted the original reddit post below for reference. Thanks for any insights!