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  1. Hmmm. Yeah, I feel it's important to give my experience as well with these people. I was originally a part of this school until I was put into a vulnerable position in meditation with one of the founders (Cindy Cicero) and realized that this place is a cult. At this time the website/homepage STILL looks to be of Asian influence. It has shinto tori gates, zen photography, and japanese characters. No mention of Jesus. The head people are Rob Jones and Cindy Cicero. I work as a life coach but since I left the school I haven't really been able to work. Every time I have tried to access a good feeling, the data that they put in me tells me its Jesus. I can't expand with my clients and help them because I cannot in good faith tell them that that expansive feeling that they have is Jesus Christ. I have been on Anti-depressants since December of 2019. I am seeing a psychologist that specializes in cult deprogramming as well. A little background on me before I go into my experience with the school - My Dad was a Methodist Minister for over 40 years. I grew up going to Church every week until I was an adult and the belief system of the Bible was never thrust upon me in our household. In the mid-west, this is a very common way to be raised and the beliefs are very exclusive. I grew up incredibly sensitive to the universe and see Jesus as a part of a greater whole that includes other belief systems and philosophies. We are all searching for avenues that will take us higher. I've spent many years in Asia studying martial arts, philosophies, and energy. I started this school at the end of 2016 with optimism as I was looking for a way for increase my energy and connect with the Universe. At the start I was welcomed with open arms by Cindy into the school. I was not asked what I believe in regarding religion/spirituality. Each month I you have a phone call to catch up on your progress. Literally every time it was with Cindy... after I had expanded with the energy form I was asked, "Do you feel the love of Jesus Christ now?" At first I thought this was weird because at no point from their homepage to the online classroom was their mention of that, but was willing to let it go because A. I thought if I said no enough that she would eventually get the point B. Because it's an instructor and I was trying to be respectful. C. Because I wanted to learn. After a while I said I didn't agree and that I don't believe in that. I was told that wasn't a problem. But, still had to be told how this power is Jesus Christ and it really didn't matter how many times you told her that you don't believe in it. She would still insert her own stuff into your chi field regardless. Let me tell you how some of this works. The energy is electricity. They are called Biophotons. These particles hold memory in them. It's how you build them up - with good feelings, cool temperature, and low intensity. When you are talking with another instructor you can get amplified and also amplify them because their is an energetic exchange between the two of you. If the person you are working with is open and respects you then you will both walk away from the exchange happier and full of joy. If they are not open then you are opening yourself up to their own ego and manipulation. I was then paired with an advanced instructor who only wanted to help me and respected my position in the Universe. They allowed me to grow and see the universe and that's exactly what I wanted. I had to leave the school for about a year but came back at the end of the summer in 2019. I was building up a lot of energy and was feeling really good about it. I gave my monthly report in email and was asked by Cindy to do a call in to check up. My intuition told me no... I should have listened. I got onto the call and chatted with her for a few minutes to catch up on the year. I trusted her to not do what she did... We expanded into my circle of energy and amplified it. At this point I had never felt so open to the universe. I was free and vulnerable. I had never felt such a thing. That's when I heard, "Do you feel the power of Jesus Christ now?" I immediately shrank from my circle and closed off. It felt wrong that someone was trying to dictate my space in the Universe. Instead of letting me have my own experience she put her own stuff into it. Before It was always safe and with the other instructor. I was then told the following thing... "Other people with other philosophies and religions have come into the school and haven't gotten very far because they didn't believe in Jesus" (Fear tactic and also completely not true) I was then lectured for 10 minutes on Jesus and how it's important for me to accept it and how it's my choice to accept the book of life. That the swift wind comes for the just and the unjust. Then I was told, "Oh, but I'm not trying to convert you." Yeah, right. I wish it ended there but the rest of November and December were absolute hell. I couldn't access the chi anymore because of the data that was exchanged by the founders of the school through conversation. I reached out saying I was having problems and that my temperature was overheating and I was having bad side effects. I was called by Rob Jones- Founder of the school. He is basically what people who have left the school describe him: Someone who talks over you, doesn't listen and isn't interested in anything other than what he wants to say. During the "talk" I was told that there are no other Universal truths other than Jesus Christ. I wasn't listened to and I wasn't attacking Cindy for her beliefs. I just wanted to be heard and that I didn't think it was okay for me to work with someone who forced her beliefs on me. I was told that I'm probably not going to make it past the Second Year of training and that I'll most likely be able to just do the super sets at the end of that course. Which other people in the school (in and also those who have left) had every amount of faith in me that I would do well. Also, "People probably think it's weird that we're the school of Chi Energy and soon as they join we're talking about Jesus. But that's just who we are *laughs*" The call ended after an hour and twenty four minutes. I felt unheard, angry, and afraid. I reached out to Cindy in Mid-December to try and reason one last time on why I felt the way I did and that I needed help. The call with her started with her saying in a kind voice," How can I help you?" What an odd thing to say to someone considering what followed. I was able to get less than thirty seconds in before I was interrupted and told why she believed what she believes and why the problem has to do with me. I tried to be polite and say again, what my experience with the universe is. Then I was quickly interrupted and told that I am the only person in the school who's had a blockage with this. (Not true. Many people have left because of the way they force their beliefs on you.) I was told I was a non-believer. She then said she was not going to stop talking about Jesus with people regardless of what they believe. I was then laughed at and told, " guess you can just not work with us. I don't know what to tell you". And again, "People probably think it's weird that we're the school of Chi Energy and soon as they join we're talking about Jesus. But that's just who we are. *laughs*" I told her that I'd think about it and let her know if I was going to continue training. During this entire two months I was civil with them. I was nothing but respectful in hoping I would be treated the same. The call ended and I felt even worse. I sent her a message through FB on why I thought they were wrong. The points were A. Not once do they acknowledge what your beliefs are because they really don't care. B. IMPORTANT---- They are doing what cults do... they bring people in under a certain guise, take them into energetic states, and make them doubt their experiences so that they can control them. C. Told me that no one else in the school has a had a blockage like this, making me feel like something is wrong with me when several people left the school for similar reasons. D.They both used fear to get me to convert to Christ by telling me I wasn't going to be strong enough. E. They used terms like "non-believer" towards me (wow, super inclusive) as I don't believe in Jesus Christ. Even though on the website and many of the topics discussed are of Daoist/Zen/Shinto origin. The course material reflects this. So they make you doubt yourself, implant their beliefs in you. F. When you're on call, they don't take into consideration what your life path is. G.They consistently tell you what the power is without any regard for your experience with the Universe. They charge $100 a month or about 1k for a whole year to experience that. This school ruined me. Even if you're a Christian, I don't know why you would want to be involved with people who are so deceitful and dangerous. Their advertising is false. I obviously do not recommend this school.
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    Hope everyone is well. I am interested in Qi and stuff like that. I've done martial arts for almost twenty years now. I started out in Goju Ryu and then Tae Kwon Do. Mainly because we moved from place to place. The last 10 years I've devoted to Muay Thai/Boxing. I should do jujitsu but I'm consumed by the other stuff. I love meditation. I started when I was 14 and am almost 32. I'm fascinated by the subtle energies in the universe and the ability to harness them peacefully. I really look forward to discovering this forum and searching out like minded people. Thanks a lot!