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    Hello! I'm happy to see how big this community is growing. So a little about myself- I stumbled onto this website about 10 years ago while searching down the moi pai rabbit hole. Long story short I have been casually learning and practicing basic techniques for about 10 years but with no physical breakthroughs, elsewhere in life I'm very happy and have come far in many ways since the onset. At my core I know there is more to the human experience, outside of a handful mystic expierinces I am unsatisfied with my baseline state and the long term achievement would be to have a higher degree of certainty about our universe. One thing I have come to discover over the years is the importance of people and humanity, we can only go so far alone but together we have unbelievable reach. In saying that I thought I could teach my self, but I know now that I am looking for someone. Who it is I'm not sure but for a long time I thought I might find them here. I know this is a introductory post but I'm curious to know if there would be any serious individual who is passionate about sharing and would be willing to coach and grow with me. My idea is much like a gym partner except the exercise is spiritual attainment. I think my path is through meditative breathing and psychological satori but I think postures can be additively beneficial of which I haven't practiced properly and no little about. Anyway I think everyone seeking a path is beautiful thing and I applauded you all. Keep growing out there, try and change the world in a fantastic way. Thanks guys!