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  1. Immortals?

    I don't know where to put this, on what section of the forums, so I thought that I'd put it here. Apologies if it's posted to the wrong section of this forum. First, I've described Lao Zi as riding on "a Water Buffalo", I'm not sure that any body really cares, but most of the discussions of the animal that he was riding on, say that it was an OX. OK, I wanna ask about Daoist "Immortals". When you write using this word, are you meaning people who literally have become so at One with the Dao, that they live, literally FOREVER? THEY DON'T DIE. Or hundreds of years, or thousands of years? I realize that to ask "how does one do this?" Is almost comical. I've read one of Red Pine's books about traveling in the Wu Dang Mountains in China, seeking out Daoist hermits, but a hermit, is a way different thing, then an Immortal. Or it seems so to me! I'm not in any way mocking that one might be able to live to a very, very old life, but I guess that I do not understand what the word "Immortals" used in a Daoist sense actually means. Might someone here be able to speak to this, and help me to understand it? Thanks, Wayist P.S. This seems like it might be a very lonely kind of life, if one lives forever, with only a few others to share this with, but that's just me.
  2. Original Dao Forum

    Thanks EmeraldHead! Peace, Wayist
  3. NASA saw an asteroid that barely missed Australia 2 days ago. In a report from NASA, via The Palomar Observatory, an asteroid came very close to the continent of Australia two days ago. It was not seen until it was right on top of Australia because of the brightness of the sun's light. Another asteroid is supposed to *impact* the earth on November the 2nd, 2020. For those who care, that's one day before the American Presidential Election! lol I did not see the size of this asteroid in the report that I read, nor where on the earth that it might impact. One would think that this would be all over the news, but the only place that I've seen it reported on, is here on the internet. NASA has a website that follows space objects (or at least most of them!) coming near the earth, and it's mentioned there. I'm sorry that I did not get the URL for that website. This sounds like a movie, but I assure you, that's it's real! Peace, Wayist
  4. I hope that I won't hurt anybody's feeling's asking about this, here on 'Dao Bums'. I've been trying to join the 'Original Dao' forum for 2 or 3 weeks now. I seem to be on the forum itself, but I can't sign out, or write anything there, nor reply to anything either. I would like to participate there but it seems that I have (maybe) two different user names. I see a lot of the same names there as I see here, so I was wondering if anybody might be able to help me join the forum there, so that I could actually write and be a part of the forum itself. Thanks for your help! Wayist
  5. Was Lao Zi A Real Historic Human Being?

    Wow, that's an amazing website Taomeow! Thanks for sharing that with me! It does help me to understand this Purple Qi story a lot better! Peace, Wayist
  6. Was Lao Zi A Real Historic Human Being?

    I *think* that the Lao Zi might have been *an oral tradition* in the beginning (before it was written down). Yes, I believe that Lao Zi was a real person. I've been intrigued by the idea of him being a Court Librarian during the Warring Years, and simply tiring of his part of the human race, and riding off on a Water Buffalo, towards India (perhaps), when he was met by the person (a border guard?) who convinced him (Lao Zi) to write down what became the Dao de Jing. I've read a lot of Daoist literature, some of which tells us that there was a purple (the color of majesty, I suppose) "cloud" that was around Lao Zi, as he traveled. I find this interesting, and if he (Lao Zi) WAS a kind of shaman, this might be a kind shamanic manifestation. This is all that's written down about Lao Zi in my opinion, and there is no kind of history (written, or otherwise), that is for sure about any of this. Peace, Wayist
  7. Was Lao Zi A Real Historic Human Being?

    I want to thank everyone who has written so far, to perhaps answer my question(s). Honestly, I feel like I'm a Beginner. I care about Compassion, and being Open to the Dao. That's where I am right now. I've read a lot from the DDJ, some I understand, and some I do not understand (or maybe only a little bit). Perhaps that will come, or it will not. I feel that it is important to acknowledge people trying to communicate with us, and to say "Thank you" to them. I pretty much think that there are very few "accidents", here on this level. We are where we are. I would like to go further, into investigating the Dao, that's why I'm here. Peace, Wayist
  8. Was Lao Zi A Real Historic Human Being?

    Taomeow, and Steve, I've not thought much at all, of this way of looking at Lao Zi. So, I have to try to be open to this new concept (to me). I find it interesting, and perhaps a concept that needs much more thought and meditation. So Lao Zi and his writings might have embodied many more sages, and/or many more sages might have "sprung" (I can't think of a better word here!) from his lineage. I really appreciate you two sharing this thinking with me, because I'm not sure that I would have arrived there by my self, if you will. Peace, Wayist
  9. Was Lao Zi A Real Historic Human Being?

    Bhathen, Please see my reply to iskote above. Peace, Wayist
  10. Was Lao Zi A Real Historic Human Being?

    Iskote, Yes, many people believe exactly that! That the Dao de Jing is put together from many different people, and sources, even that it was assembled at many different times. One of the first Daodejing's that I read, was translated by Bill Porter, or as most people like to call him; "Red Pine". He seemed to pretty strongly believe that Lao Zi was a real historical person. He even showed us where Lao Zi might have have lived, via black and white photos, and the place where the "guard of the Pass" got Lao Zi to spend some time writing down the Daodejing. I really like Red Pine's translation. I think that Bill Porter made a believer out of me, to Lao Zi's physical existence, at a certain place, and at a certain time. This maybe is nothing more then wanting to believe in a fairy tale, or to believe in Santa Claus, if you will. I've read a couple of books about the archeological digs where a couple of really ancient copies of the Dao de Jing, were found in burial graves. I know that this isn't much, but it seems to add more historicity to the Dao de Jing. At least it does for me! Thanks for writing Iskote! Peace, Wayist
  11. I've asked this before. But I did not get an answer, so I'll ask again. Do you feel that Lao Zi was a real, historic human being? As the author of the Dao de Jing (??), I would very much like to discuss this. If you'd like to give it a go here, please write. Thanks, Peace Wayist
  12. Thanks Steve, I'll keep you informed of any other technical issues. Peace, Wayist
  13. Last evening I tried to write a post in the Dao de Jing/Tao te Ching section. As I typed one word would disappear, and another word would take it's place. Letters would be dropped. Could you please help me with this? Thank you! Wayist
  14. I tried to get a conversation started up here about Lao Zi, the human man. Yes, I know that religious Daoist's, revere him as "a god". I think that Lao Zi would be revolted by this kind of thinking. If he (Lao Zi) really lived in "The Warring Period", and was a Court Librarian, and perhaps some sort of "shaman" (which I don't necessarily believe in,but Im not closed minded to the *possibility* of this either). But you did not ask about this, but about how the Lao Zi (Or the DDJ/TTC) affects my own life. I'll just point to WATER, it always flows to the point that it needs to be. I used live in a Valley, another very Daoist (Dao de Jing) kind of place. Water collects there (in my case with the aid of human beings). What does it teach us "to be like water"? How are we like "the uncarved block"? I try to find these substances/or "places", in my own human life. It takes searching, looking at 'The Way' that might be for me. So, it's both in the written DDJ/TTC and in the commentary of olden, or modern, Daoist's that might affect me. If they do, I take those teachings and apply them to my own life. Or I try to. If you have more questions, I'll try to answer them. If I can. Peace, Wayist