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  1. Strange sensation in upper dan tien

    If possible I would like to ask for one more thing on this subject. It seems that after opening the channels the energy is traveling via them anyway so I have tried a little experiment. So far 'up the back and down the front' direction seems not so healthy as mentioned in any book I could find (not only Mantak's, but many many others). I am not sure what is the exact result of this direction but I still seem to create a lot of negative emotions and energies with that. It is mostly fear, dread or anger coming up - sometimes its an emotion and sometimes just terrible hot flash-like sensation in my body. Additionally, I have broken up with my GF after leaving this direction of energy so I would like to know if this was 'cleansing some kind of karma (as mentioned in few sources) or just a coincidence. Most of the sources seem to refer to 'up the front and down the back' route in scale from abnormal to dangerous without telling exactly what it causes - like 'few people are like that but they are ultra-rare + that's a women path that shouldn't be used by a man'. I would be really grateful for any information or a proper book to educate myself. Cheers!
  2. Strange sensation in upper dan tien

    @freeform Hello! I think the main problem with Mantak's book is that some of them are more like an adv pamphlet for the real thing then beginner-friendly manual. I have come to this conclusion after comparing two of his books 'Solo male cultivation' and 'Multiorgasmic man'. One of them (can't remember which one) does not contain warnings or stuff like 'you should practice it for at least X time before going into next exercise' which are present in another one... Tbh I don't feel like 'energy pattern' reset is possible in my case. I have managed to unclog myself with butter meditation and now I can sense (or visualize if its better term) energy paths currently going via following small 'light orbs' that moves inside them. It seems like one of the paths is still there even tho I have tried it once or twice many years ago (when I wasn't even sensing any kind of inner energy). Maybe its a case with my young age, idk. @Limahong @Cleansox I have managed to deal with the water-energy as well. Apparently I have tried too hard to stick with one energy system in this case - basing on Mantak's books I have tried to pull it into my lower dan-tien as a 'yin energy' from ren channel. So as soon I have experienced the female like energy I have deduced that something is wrong and I must fight against it. @Limahong was right in this case. By pulling it downward I was creating a bigger and bigger mess. I went to the therapist yesterday to deal with something that happened lately and it came out that this water was something totally different - my feelings trapped inside the body. They wanted to manifest by moving upward but due to my energy manipulation, they couldn't. When I have spoken with the therapist this whole water-like sensation has turned into everything that I have repressed so hard lately.
  3. Strange sensation in upper dan tien

    @dwai @Cleansox @CataclysmicSky I have tried butter meditation and something came to my mind. It seems that crown of the head is actually closed, but the funny thing is that I feel like filled with water. I have started to focus more on this feeling and it seems that there is an orb-like point above my head that keeps attracting the water upward the whole body. Something tells me that this point should be located in the lower dantien area. At the other hand I now understand my other problem - why for a long time I have felt asexual, not like a man but rather like a women. My whole body seems to be sinking in that energy
  4. Strange sensation in upper dan tien

    After releasing it seems like energy keeps traveling up the back, inside the spine. I have tried to push this water-like sensation down to bottom of the spine but its back after a while. Additionally i can feel spiral of energy going up the front moving inside the head in counterclockwise direction and contraction/pumping at the back od the skull and contraction of muscles on area of anus. @Cleansox Before i try this one, is IT possibile that it will open even more pathways? If possibile I would prefer to drop any energywork at all and go back to mundune life. @Daniel Thank for Your advice, based on that I have talked once again with my friendly Reiki person. He highly recommended me Lowen therapy to deal with that stuff in a healthy way
  5. Hello, I am yet another one of those 'post-Mantak's books' newbies that tried something way above their level. Long story short I suspect that my Jing energy/essence is stuck in my head (upper dan tien). I have tried to move it downward on my own but it seems to bring only misfortune: - moving it down the front seems to aggravate me into all kinds of negative emotions like anger/being needy/afraid and so on. Pretty much every time I try this way I create some negative events in my life. Additionally lot of negative self-talk appears afterward. - moving it down the back feels more natural and It does not feel that bad. The con of this way is that last time I have a great surge of energy (resulted in insomnia a few times before I have managed to get a grip on balance how much energy I should bring down). Additionally, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night from nightmare with a sense of fear/dread with a hot stream of energy going down the spine. Besides that, I have contacted acupuncture, reiki (helped tremendously to feel grounded again but the energy problem still persists) , and someone from Kundalini forum. The last one has told me to never, ever do the 'up the front, down the back' route. What should be the natural and safe way to bring the energy down? Looking forward to Your replies