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  1. Hi Bums, I have been a lurker here for many years. But never taken the time to post. I recently developed what is called Kundalini Syndrome from meditating zazen style in an IKEA chair sitting on an earthing matt. I have no formal training and no experience of being under a teacher. I had been experiencing the ecstatic/bliss/sexual energy during the meditation and thought this to be a good thing. It was going away after the practice and was not much of a problem. One session the bliss remained 24x7 and has not gone away 2.5 months later. Initially I was not sleeping well but after a while became used to the sensation and learned to relax into it. In the last 1.5 weeks it has intensified to searing whole body pain. It's really nasty and is having other impacts like really tight muscles and feeling like I need to vomit. I have been to hospital but they were unable to find anything except electrolytes slightly on the low side but not out of range. I have made efforts to increase these. Note that I stopped all meditation 2 months ago, as soon as this energy appeared to get out of control. I have tried many non energy generating practices over the past 2 months like long walks in nature, exercise, shaking, stretching, dancing but to be honest the energy seems to have slowly increased not subsided. I have been working with a well regarded teacher who instructed me that my muscles and fascia were too tight and that I needed to move around more which I have been doing. More recently he has given me some extraordinary vessel movements which I have just started also. Because of the serious impact on my health and well being I am seeking second opinions. I was hoping to hear from those who had been through the same thing or people who work with those who get themselves into this mess. Best Wishes Daniel