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  1. Newbie ... ready and clear

    Hi. I'm a newbie too. There is some good info and advice here, from what i've seen.
  2. the big draw

    yes, I don't want to build up jing and have no outlet for it, which is the feeling I am getting. I've decided to take it easy on this for now. A book came into the mail today, "Awakening Healing Energy Through the Tao", ill give it a read and try some of the stuff in there & hopefully get some circulation happening. Thanks for the replies and the advice.
  3. the big draw

    I've been working with the big draw by myself for about a week now, and successfully retained 3 ejaculations by tensing the P muscle. However, as a result of the determined, tense muscular effort, I feel very aggressive and when I orgasm, the "sex energy" seems to feed these feelings and so I end up with what I might describe as a primal combination of aggression and pleasure. Im sure Mantak Chia didn't mention anything about this, and I never experienced this with the finger lock method nor with any other normal orgasm for that matter. What do you guys reckon ? should I try and take things more easy before my eyeballs pop out ?
  4. Whats a good book about the technique, etc of MCO ? I've recently bought Mantak Chias book "Taoist secrets of Love" and I'd like to practice moving the energy from seminal retention around the body. I understand that the MCO is a starting point for moving this energy. Mantaks book "awakening healing energy through the Tao" seems like a good bet but are there other good/better books to consider ? Thx.
  5. here I am

    Hi all. I've read one of Mantak Chias books (secrets of love) and when I was looking for more information, I found myself here. I'll have a read through some of the threads here first. Looking forward to some learning. Cheers, Grover.