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  1. Newcomer Nonsense

    Why thank you Mr Bum, sir. I'm hoping your welcome message was intentionally ironic.
  2. Newcomer Nonsense

    Cant a way of posting in newcomers corner. Have been wondering what is going on since I acquired a mind, still wondering.... Fascinated by martial arts, internal arts, herbalism, meditation, consciousness, human relations, psychology, ancient human history, physics, astrology, food and the sheer beauty and unlikeliness of it all. I often wonder whether the pursuit of Daoist arts is another ego fueled attempt by particularly neurotic, arrogant higher primates, (who need to get caught up by convincing themselves that something is right because, hey, some one else said so, and I cant trust myself compared to some dude who lived in a cave on the other side of the world several hundred years ago etc. etc...) - rather than just submitting to the sublime experience of being themselves here now. I welcome debate/discussion etc. etc. here btw. ...I include myself in the definition of PNAHP. I am interested in humour too, because life is very pale without it. Laughing is good, whether or not the up pathologically up tight believe it is an over abundance of heart energy...