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  1. Howdy from Yoda!

    Thanks Apech and ilumairen!! Thanks to joeblast, got the Cam report: Married in China!!! Sounds like a long term thing so won't be running into him in AZ.
  2. Howdy from Yoda!

    Thanks for the welcomes!!! I'll see if I can find Cam around the neighborhood and report back. Phoenician Bums welcome to our micro-stakes Texas Holdem tourneys when we start having them again. I'm at [email protected]
  3. Howdy from Yoda!

    Been about 10 years! I couldn't sign in as Yoda so created this Yoda AZ name. Moved to AZ and tried to look up Cam recently but no luck with an old aol email address. His family has a store down the road from me, so I'll check there next. Anyone here in the Phoenix area?