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  1. Zhong Yuan Qigong question

    Okay, I get it, thanks for the advice. I somehow feel like I am in a river right now. On one side is the life I had till now, and it draws me back sometimes, and the other side is the Daoism. I was always the "middle road" type trying to find balance in everything I do. I never used drugs, I don't smoke, but I liked to go drinking sometimes with friends, and I liked to have sex, went to the gym etc. But well, I will eventualy get to the „place” where I belong. Before a year I didn’t even know that daoism exists, and today I am practicing qigong. I was always the patient type, so I have no problem with waiting. Life will send me signs, I just have to notice them.
  2. Zhong Yuan Qigong question

    Mantak Chia does not have a big fangroup here as I see. Well I guess it's easier to do the celibacy in cold weather, because in summer all you see is boing-boing. I don't want a girlfriend right now, but is there something that I can do, when the sexual instinct "says hello, I'm here"? I can't live in a cave and I work at a computer on the internet, and there is a lot of sexual content. So how do you stop or calm the desire? I thought Chias method was a solution because I don't loose semen, but I was wrong.
  3. Zhong Yuan Qigong question

    Thank for the fast answer. Yep, I do the Mantak Chia method. If I loose yuan jing (original essence?), does it drastically slow down the opening of the third eye, ear and second heart? And with the big draw, I also generating some energy, yang energy if I remember correctly. Or am I mistaken?
  4. Hi all, I started practicig Zhong Yuan Qigong (Master Migtang Xu), I live in Hungary, so He is not my master. But thats not the point. I read the first book, and one of the main practices is the microcosmic orbit. In that part of the book He says, that for a professional practice you have to stop having sex for a 100 days, so no hormones and semen is lost. My question is, does practicing semen retention alone and the big draw count as sex, and do I lose energy or hormones? Also when I do the big draw, a tiny bit of transparent fluid comes out, I know that's the fluid of the prostate that helps the semen to move. Do I loose hormones or semen with this fluid? Thanks in advance for the answers.
  5. Introduction

    Hi All, I am Andor from Hungary, I am 39 years old and I found this forum only by chance (I know, there is no such thing, everything happens for a reason ). So, about myself: I don't know what I should call myself practiocioner, cultivator, etc. but here is what I usually do: - I discovered Chi? in my body about half a year ago (heat in my stomach at the navel area). - I sit in a cross-legged positon (or also turkish sitting in hungarian) and meditate. I take deep breaths and move this heat to my lover back, then along my spine to the crown of my head, then down the front back to the starting position. While I meditate, I am holding a crystal in my hands (usually quartz or amethyst). I also move this heat through all my chakras starting from the root to the crown. I discovered that, when I have pain in my back for example, I can move this heat to that spot, and then the pain is gone after a few seconds. - I also do the Wim Hof breathing method. - For body exercises I do pushups (several types), squats and plank holding. This might sound silly, but I am interested in becomming an immortal. Although I don't know how to begin, maybe I find answers here. I like reading comics, funny thing is I found out about chi in a comic named Star Martial God Technique. The other one is called Cultivation chat group. I don't know how much reality can be found in these comics, but I think not everything is fiction. I also read some books about Initiation (for example from Elisabeth Haich). Right now I am reading Roger Jahnke: The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi. Well thats all I think. I would be very grateful if someone experienced could give my some advices. All the best to everyone!