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  1. Searching for my way

    Hi, I joined yesterday and I was reading sooo many threads already. I actually enjoyed reading most of them, but then I kinda realized, I don't know which qigong art should I even perform. It's important for me because I know that I wanna focus only on one art and not change it after few months or so on. I am really open to any suggestions and I am really grateful for any of them. It's probably hard to make suggestion to completely unknown person, so here are few details about me:) I am not much of a sport person, but really passionate about practicing, when I meditate I always lose myself in my mind and I started learning about qigong because I wanted to understand myself better. Thank you so much for every reply:)
  2. Happy to be here!

    Thank you sooo much! I am so happy I found this forum
  3. Happy to be here!

    Hi! I am really happy I found this forum. Btw. I am sooo sorry for my English I am from middle Europe. For few years I am trying to get as much information as I can about Qigong. It started because about 5 years ago (I am 18 just for context) I started feeling really comfortable feeling in my body after moving with my arms etc... In specific way. Problem is that I am unsure if it's qi or not. For me it's more easy to feel it in winter in cold temperature. I already tried some qigong sets, with some I can clearly feel it, but with some I feel nothing. Even if I found out that it's not qi, I hope I will be able to practice Qigong a lot:) Thank you for all your replies it means a lot to me:)