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  1. Haiku Chain

    Distant shore awaits. smelling of apples & wind... snowless lands await! ('ello to you all! Hi Stig!!! )
  2. Stigweard's Daodejing 道德碓

    OoOo! Am so excited to read all this!!! Can't wait!!!
  3. :)

    Thank u for the podcasts u recommended me on F. Book!

    i have to go back and look at that post again and see if i missed any!

    Sweet dreams! :)

  4. Haiku Chain

    like forget-me-not. I think i forgot a lot? Is this the Tao Bum's??? (Things seem different around here??? ) (Hi Kids! Hope you are all well!!! )
  5. HUH??? Things have changed at the bum's?

  6. Tai Chi Sword Lesson #1 by Me

    "Unless there is loving-kindness in our speech, it's going to come out wrong." ~Ayyan Khema WOW. Some times folks on this forum really amaze me with their oh-so-useful-positive&empowering-critiques. The ways they Share Knowledge??? It's alway very obvious who it is that practices to LEARN and who talks out their arse by the critiques they give. actually? I Thought it was a great video? It got folks attention...imagine...Zombies are paying attention, lol? It made a statement. Weather or not folks agree with it. Made (Most folks) smile/laugh which breaks the ice and gets people to take a deep breath so they are actually present enough to listen. Maybe learn?!? Also got folks talking, debating, sharing knowledge and ideas! Awesome! Some cool constructive criticism might come out of it to help us All learn? Or give us (those who actually do practice) things to experiment with and further our own studies. Sure there might be a few that like to talk shit, and want to share what they have to offer...shit? They seem to be everywhere...hopefully they will learn a thing or two too! Lol? Imagine! Looking forward to more videos by folks:) Darin and others! Hopefully some who think that a tassel actually has a purpose will be willing to expose (us to their views )themselves with a video(of them.)! One that explains and shows some reasons for it and how to use it! Can't wait! Share the love kids!!! and the KNOWLEDGE!!! ...u can keep the shit though... We all have plenty of our own... Shonton Ga Oooo! Yeah! Sounds good! Ooo! Yeah!!! Lets see it! That is what we need, real people, so we can learn together! Great idea!!!
  7. Haiku Chain

    Don't forget the edge As we practice it gets WIDE Wider and wider!!! (HI!)
  8. Bad habits

    LOL! Tears! My eyes are tearing, thanks...i might just pass this on.... This was mailed to me a few days ago? By my friend *BLUSH* ok... slash teacher??? ...i guess i do have a mouth that can quickly tear someone a new one? ...But Hey! Ya know some seem to need a new one torn??? i try to behave but it goes counter to my nature? It's more in line with the Tao for me to use "Sailor speak" i linked it in my practice log but maybe some of YOU share my affliction!!! For those of us who have known well the diffrent tastes of ALL the brands of soap since early childhood...for them(YOU?)this link i share. Good Luck My Brothers!!! (and sisters!!! ) Shameful Shon
  9. Alcohol since we can remember

    Have enjoyed reading this thread Not a right or wrong ... i don't think just self knowing you already said you see the effects of it you know your reaction lol, but we all need to be reminded about how good or how bad we perceive something to be at times sometimes it changes after all watch other things too(besides tobacco and alcohol) example~ if im in the practice of meditating there is no way i can handle eating garlic...i die i love garlic bread No way i could "binge" on it, lol for some of my practices i Do use tobacco and alcohol respectfully knowing myself, tobacco has a strong calling for me and if i work with it i'll want it for the next week or so(i don't use it if there is a craving) same with alcohol i feel it in the body for three days to a week after i use it and i will rarely have more than a mouthful or two (i never use it if there is a craving for it either) comes down to how you feel bowing before a porcelain thrown is humbling and if it teaches you lessons you enjoy None other than you can say right or wrong Just enjoy and be smart (don't drive drunk sort of smart) Whitness yourself as you partake and see how you feel Before you do what you do While you do The night/day after you do three days later a week then think about it and get back to us dude, because we are no wiser than you on such matters!!! Stay well! Shon Personally i think 松永道 has said it all, it's a post worth reading and rereading) sorry so long a note but easier to read it spread out like this i'll stop typing now, bye!!! Sweet dreams! *edited for spelling and missed words
  10. Hajimemashite

    Hajimemashite ! ... pleased to meet chu I am shon here but not as often as id like! Hope you enjoy yourself here Nanashi... that is a life long study for this noisy child too... i call it stillness? but I'm among the loudes of the bum's at times, lol! Stay well! Glad you are here! Shon i like this, just read it yesterday -> "Under all speech that is good for anything lies a silence that is better. Silence is deep as eternity. Speech is shallow as time." ~ Thomas Carlyle
  11. Haiku Chain

    And now i begin this journey once more again now it's time to dream ( Sweet dreams kids!)
  12. Lung Fu Shan Mudra

    Am interested
  13. Haiku Chain

    distant death dumbs down deep quiet felt in the bones below tons of earth
  14. What is your personality type

    Sorry to dbouble post! but to look up the initials you can go here Click on the combinations at the top of the screen. Have fun! Shonton Ga
  15. Haiku Chain

    not to be found here But still do come around here What's ya'll doin'???
  16. David Deida

  17. Lifting the Flower

    >we shall spread a breath of air >to all the hungry Thank you Lin and Father Paul Hate to admit but there are tears Beautiful Wasn't here then ... ? But maybe ... thank you for sharing
  18. Surrogate parenting?

    Hahahaa! Yes! I Now Know I Am One of The "WRINKLIES"! That sounds a bit like ... pretty sound advice right there! Not bad kiddo. Thanks Ian! Wrinklies? huh LOL
  19. Send some love

    Send u both my Love and big strong hugs to hold u both Love
  20. Life is interesting. Always entertaining! Am wondering, trying to figure some things out ... So? Have a question? If there was any person U could go listen to speak Who would You Like to hear??? Thinking Taoist or otherwise, Wise being the key word here! Inspiring? From any stand point! Life! Sciences, Religious, Cooking, lol, Philosophy, Whatever? Be cool if they were in new England, lol, (might like to check them out!)! But anyplace else in this world too? Was also hoping for living folks too but maybe someone else jumps to mind! Who would you like to hear and see and why? Anybody not very well known who you think just seems to really "get it" and knows how to share "it" ? Thanks ahead of time, not sure i'll get to reply much but think it could be fun to see who folks are paying attention to! Stay well, enjoy! Shon Thank you!
  21. Haiku Chain

    quality within the reflection of the moon found in deep waters
  22. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    Hi Moth! Nice to meet you! Love to watch it! The energy it must take is incredible. ... It's hard on a body though, i would imagine? LOL, Maybe it would just be hard on My body!!! If one can do it, More power to them!!! U have fun with it ? Must meet some cool people doing it too! Stay well, Shon
  23. Haiku Chain

    I wonder where to? Hmm?Have i been here before? Been gone Way to long!