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  1. Again sorry for the disrespect in your thread.
  2. There's no ethics when it comes to life or death. Openly an unrepentantly attacking someone's energy is the same as threatening their life. Unaware ppl can be excused to a degree, you are aware of what you're doing so it cannot be excused an is taken for what it is. Taking someone's energy is a challenge for their power an life. You continue to challenge, unprovoked. I defend myself an reclaimed what was mine. I'm not here for challenges by useless fleas, so this matter is dropped. If brought up again, I will not reply in forum.
  3. Hey Cloud444 ppl like the person above try to drain ur energy an throw their crap onto you. They are usually ignorant and don't know what they are doing. But here's a technique. Think of that person an here should be a weird warm feeling somewhere usually chest or head, that's how they try to dump their garbage into u. Then u sense it an send back all the foulness they sendin ur way, kinda like grounding. An then u pull in everything good they have in them to u. This rebalances u and weakens them. Then you take that connection and sever it with swordfinger. Focus ur energy on ur dantian then send it through to ur aura til it feels good. It's like suing someone an taking payment an using it to repair the damages. They vampire this way because they're too weak to cultivate so they try to feed on others, trolls of energy lol. Hope this helps.
  4. It arises as the intention for personal growth is stimulated somehow. Could be an opportunity. It's the quintessence of all you are and have absorbed into your being, and all that potential. So it's semi intelligent an does its own thing til it reaches ur conciousness an merges there, eventually cycling thru ur being til it exhausts itself upgrading you. Then over time it replenishes itself an can be cultivated again. It's similar to but not the same as Tao Cultivation primal qi, at least how I understand it through personal growth experience.
  5. Just offering advice the person can take or leave it. I didn't push anything. An seems like you're u need to check your ego. Unless you're a moderator of some type here on the forum and I broke a rule, chill with the criticism. I legit was in meditation an felt a negativity projected at me an traced it to my phone, an the response to this. Dude know that your emotions project and that at ur level, it can cause issues in others. So train your self discipline for the sake of other ppl u interact with, an learn to not project unless you want too. That being said, if that advice is somehow not allowed, then petition the moderators to remove it. An moderators, let me know if it is an actual issue. Let's be adults, not criticism junkies. That's the end of it. Sorry to interrupt your thread with this nonsense guy asking for help.
  6. Sounds like you need to revive your body, and strengthen your spirit. the only thing keeping u goin is your life force. That's why it's overdoing it, your body and spirit chi is out of wack. Try the old man taichi, Paul Lam. When your Kundalini rises, circulate the energy an let it flow thru u instead of suppress. Eat oranges and ginger, portabella mushrooms and if you are able eggs or bacon (that's right, bacon has a curative effect in this case). Green tea, brewes at home not th bottled kind. Cut wheat to minimal but other grains will be ok. Up ur green food intake, I know it's rough for some people but it helps in your case. Eventually you'll have a balance that'll break thru no matter your mood. At that point u will feel th weird reset like a sense of well being. For immediate results suggest chia seeds, in water with lemon and a lil sweetener. Ur energy will skyrocket. It tastes weird but the stuff works. Practice wise, I suggest Orb of Life, learn the skill an have it merge with ur Kundalini center an continuously balance the energy there. Make another one an have it repair the energetic damages to your system. Because everything u described is energy damaged, most likely caused by being opened energetically and the parasitic ppl who merged their field with yours. It messes u up but you can recover given time and proper know how. The Kundalini flow responds to your need. You want to get better so it keeps trying to rise to upgrade ur being, let it. Hope something of that helps you. I've been there, so you're not alone.
  7. Mo Pai Nei Kung - New Here From Chicago

    Hey guy, the mo pai stuff might not be the best start. However, if you're after results to begin opening up your meridians an circulation of chi I suggest Black Dragon Nei Gong vids on youtube that guy Amin Jani is legit. Aside from that, I did the mo pai thing an it helped me begin cultivation. Relax, go outside in the sunny area an feel the warmth of the sun, sit on a by rock or grassy area that has a chill vibe, an literally try to pull that in during abdominal breathing into your lower dantian. Then at the end of he session, feel yourself compress it internally, the gathered solar yang chi, it feels like a light cloud feeling that keeps wanting to rise. At the end of the session, do reverse breathing an send the compressed chi down to your taint area. It will shoot up spine, go to top part to head an drip downward. Take that stuff that was just made, an send it cycling your body. That begins opening up meridians and unblocking chi flow. Eventually you can build it up an store it in yourself or flow it thru your body or refine it an do bone breathing, or refine it for supernatural capability. It's a very personal choice. Key is there's a lot of naysayers out there who focus on philosophy and gain very little with their training because they focus on mental ideas an visualization. My suggestion is focus on the real stuff, experiential knowledge is key. Yang energy in my experience is radial an expansive, like the 🌞. Yin is that chill vibe like when you walk barefoot on the earth. I suggest u also get into Reiki, an do the following up above. It's a different energy but refining it that way boosts capability a bunch. Also learn Orb of Life skills, an have it constantly feed life force to your meditation area, sleep area too. An last but not least, if you can swing it, create a place that gathers different types of beneficial Chi for your practice. Ppl say energy is energy but that's like saying water is water, water can be sewer water, or mineral water, snow, etc. U learn to feel the best type for you personally. The rest u just leave alone. Hope something I said here helps
  8. Hello

    Hello. New here. Looking for info to help with stuff I'm doing. For the record, I'm not interested in squabbling or one upsmanship I see. If the info works for me, thanks if not then I appreciate the effort an move forward. I cultivate. For me that's a personal definition meaning I bring in external qi to enhance my natural qi, an do exercises related to that. Adbominal breathing to store qi. Reverse breathing to cycle qi an for specific reasons. I don't help ppl or try to heal ppl,not my thing. I use Sun qi for the body an part of the other stuff I do. I use Moon qi for the nonphysiological stuff an to assist in nurturing personal qi. I blend both by compressing in Lower TanTian, then sending to Perenium where it usually shoots it's way up the spine or thru one of those life gates in the back. Not sure the name but sometimes it goes back up between shoulder blades an to the heart area. To avoid sex energy loss, I pull in the qi as I'm ejaculating or before I finish an that works pretty well, I send it to the Lower TanTian an continue my sex session. Then later I cycle it. I'm interested in getting some clarity on some of my experiences. Which are: When absorbing qi an letting it flow thru my system, I've noticed that it tends to settle with a vibrating feeling recently. I'm not sure bout what to do with this, though it tends to do it in the joint areas. What might this be? An what are some possible solutions to this if it's an issue? Lately been projecting outside myself, but though the images are semi murky. Got a fix for that? Also on projections it doesn't ever seem to be In the Present. The other day, did a session an saw a truck an a friend there. So I came back an went out to verify it. About an hour later walking home, I saw what I had during the projection. This is interesting in itself, however the goal is off. Advice? Technique used is to just close eyes an see elsewhere, nothing special. An seeing interesting things lately, wondering if they are apart of the cultivation or some mental gunk clearing out. Saw a blue almost neon streak of light that became a marble, then disappeared when a red glowing marble like thing appeared. Both where over my bed while I was about to sleep. The third thing we an amorphous shadow that seem to move by my open apartment door fast, then came back an stopped for a minute while I looked at it,then it shot off. An there's this little smoke thing that randomly shows up, when there's no fire, no incense, no cigarettes lit. It's just like a cohesive bit of smoke that moved around an then disappears on its own. Not sure what these weird things are, don't even know enough to guess so any info that'd be great. Anyhow, hi. Feel free to message if you young men have any answers.