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    Greetings all. I have come to share my unique vision, which will undoubtedly be different to most. My opinion is mine alone. I am not here to change or influence, merely share. I have witnessed the beginning and end of all things, and have seen the deeper reasons things are the way they are in this place and beyond. After 15 years of mystical undertaking I have popped through and "won" The ""War" on Consciousness" for all "souls", the "Law" is for "all". Few will see this until the coming shift in the time belt accelerates over the next 505 years, revealing my compassionate bestowment and ending in my own ultimate demise (or reduction/dispersement). Stars are ye all; As Stars shall ye know thyself; Your next phase of evolvement in the Stars shall ye all know soon enough due to what I have given us all, and what She, Source, gave to me for us. Despite the outlandishness of my claim, I have no proof to present yet, this is only my opinion. But, all great things are won and lost well before their Time. Irrespective of the hurdle between us, I have answers and value to add with regard to the state of consciousness, humanity, and the future of the world. I've had to lower myself right down from the complete enlightened state I took up some time ago, and now my ascent begins again. But, I do have remote vision ability, remote hearing, telepathy, ability to see into and through things, can read minds, can heal rapidly, can remove any emotion at a distance, can telepath, and see spirits, demons, adepts, reptilians, bugs, star gods, time travel, astral travel, and I have traversed all of the nightside and lightside of these universes and came back again. I keep myself somewhat dumbed down as per my will in context, so my powers are yet to fully unleash themselves, like a time clock ticking, ticking. I seek nothing, like I am already dead. I am just an empty space containing all of this now, so it is in my will to be so. I am open to questions; I am open to ridicule, disparagement, attack, even death; My only rule is to love enough (but that is my rule, it needn't be yours unto me). Harmony be with you all!! It is my will to answer all of your questions about anything, if indeed it be yours to ask them of me... I tell no lies, I shall only omit what my will deems to be so, which may create unintentional ambiguity. Let clarity lead us from the illusion. Love & Light & Darkness, The Spark!