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  1. browsing this forum I came across two examples of this;horse stance for 2 hours(shaolin)and full lotus for 6 hours, this is daily,to cultivate energy levels and get achivements. Where should I look for,books,courses,if i want bodily movements that have spiritual implications. just traditional asanas? Qi-gong? for example i read,that some asanas have to be done 3 hours,a day,for 6 months,for the full benefit.
  2. I found two different and unrelated instances of buddhist monks not-sleeping.According to my info they really didnt sleep,as opposed to being short sleepers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seongcheol ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webu_Sayadaw Is this true/valid? can practioners of yoga or qi-gong subdue the need for sleep(and if so;what do they replace the valuable experience of dreaming with?)
  3. I am a Celestial Master

    honestly I dont know if thats part of that netflix movie or real life. this is the point to where things have gotten.
  4. The spirituality of Cold

    Im researching the spiritual effects of the cold(meaning:im reading but also icying myself with cold water as much as I can),the main line of thought is that it triggers a sort of ancestral memory from the glacial age of hunters.I also try to sleep with the window open, sleep bare-chasted,etc. id like to know if there are any historical precedents for spirituality of ice, i know some saints prayed while sitting in an icy river,for example.
  5. I am a Celestial Master

    Are there any immortals roaming around the earth these days,who are 1000+ years old? What's your opinion on the documented chinese tradition of mercury and sulphur in alchemy?
  6. Mantras

    is it true that to master/complete a mantra,you need to recite it 100 ,000 times pero syllable?
  7. I think this may be the right place to ask this: I once read a buddhist said that in some vajrayana circles,alcohol is known as "wisdom water";is there any truth to this rumour?
  8. hello, I want to ask /inquiere about the Benefits of 1) medicine guru mantra,whether chanted or heard and 2)tibetan full prostrations. Even if I know im not supposed to think about it im interested in the Benefits of such a practice and the quantity required for them to appear on one's life(one lakh times? for example) i read a short pamphlet by a lama/guru who said the medicine mantra was a wish-fulfilling jewel;is this true?
  9. hello(i made account long ago,but this is my first post so I dont know well how this forum works) Im putting together a comprehensive regime of excercise meditation for youth and longevity.Im only 25 but I want to live to 100. Id like some reccomendation of books or video tutorials,so far I learn 10 asana mudra fro youth,the 5 tibetans, and im interested in the 5 falun-gong excercises. Anyways,id appreciate reccomendations. i also dad baithak, an hindu wrestling workout. this forum seems to have good scholars so Im glad I can learn here!
  10. Hi.

    hi, Im joining to learn more about personal practices of dharmic religions. I recently got the encyclopedia of taoism,and william bodri's books,so ill be asking some questions to properly use and understand the reading material I have. my main interest so far is Brahmacharya and intermittent fasting.