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    Sorry for this late reply, forgot to check lately due to a busy professional schedule. The Secret of the Golden Flower, which translation are you alluding to? Best studies on internal alchemy are by Fabrizio Pregadio. Catherine Despeux also produced some and there is a host of writings on that now. See the works of Livia Kohn, Louis Komjathy, Isabelle ùrpbinet and so many others. You can check their bibliography to lead you to new discoveries. As for practice, best study with an experienced practitioner there are many all over the place now. Just practice and then you'll find your ways. Anyone having any results in cultivating the embryo? Just asking Best wishes, JFM
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    Dear all, just signed up on DaoBum. Just to quickly introduce myself, an academic by profession, I have been practicing taiji chuan and others for quite a few years (40+). I am, of course, still a learner and would like to learn from your experiences on various Daoist practices, specially relating to the development of the embryo and other important things. Best wishes, JFM