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  1. manifestation

    All of them, since we don't hear electromagnetic waves. If god spoke into a vacuum, nothing vibrated and no sound occurred, but that didn't really happen anyway.
  2. hello

    Hi! I'm Tony. There's not much to say. Been following the Tao for a few years now; it's the only thing that makes sense of the world and gives a practical way to live right. Studied a lot of other stuff, Zen Buddhism, ceremonial magic, wicca etc. and sooner or later detected the baloney in all of it. The TTC has no baloney. I live in Ohio so there's not much Tao community here. Tried Tai Chi but I have too many physical problems to do it in a class setting. Mainly this whole thing has proved successful in helping me with mental issues so I've stuck with it and rather than drifting away from it like all the others, I've found myself getting more and more serious as time passes. Trying to learn chinese history and culture to increase understanding. Hopefully this site will be useful. Thanks!