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  1. Hello from a Buddhist-Daoist

    Thank you, Sean
  2. Hello from a Buddhist-Daoist

    Hello all, my name is Tangmu and have been tasting Daoism for many years but not deeply practicing/following. I look forward to more understanding and discussion. I am Ch'an Buddhist and have been practicing for several years after taking refuge. Before I had taken refuge and vows, a friend at that time encouraged me by way of some "light warning" that the two (Buddhism and Daoism) were not compatible. She went on to tell me about some history in which Buddhists overcame Daoists and that the Buddhist Sutras survived ( I can't recall the exact conversation). Anyway, I loved the Tao Te Ching. It's the only book that has touched me in such a way that I see it as being true and complete. Daoist thought, practice and culture is where my heart feels most "at home." Is there such a person as "Buddhist-Daoist" ? Thank you for your time and consideration.