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  1. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    Hello! I am too a practationer of Siddha yoga, I took Diksha in 2015, but I practiced it wrongly until this year I got in touch with some of Gurudev's courtesy discples, they taught me how to practice, and I too experienced Ajapa now. For those who dont believe this mantra and Gurudev, I am pretty sure they didnt even tried chanting it for at least a week. Otherwise they will experience Kundalini energy and they would belive. I recommand this website: for further information about Gurudev Siyag and his yoga Its a multilingual website. We can also keep in touch and share experiences, I personally have gone through a lot of yoga kriyas, feel energy stuck in my spine, my eating pattern have changed and I become more conscious about all things around me. May Gurudev's grace continue bless us.
  2. New here

    Great! Thanks a lot!
  3. New here

    Hello Everyone! Its good to find such a forum that we can discuss about spiritual things. I like yoga and I am a practitioner of Siddha yoga. BTW, where is the reply button when I got into other threads? (may be I need to post my first thread here?)