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  1. A Yogic Cure/Vaccine For COVID-19

    Actually I dont like to promote my spiritual methodology ( because I did before in people around me and you can guess their response) I just saw similar post and think, maybe I could share a mantra also. And now I know the word 'cure' is not proper, thats my fault. About spirituality people, I remember I read a book talking about Yama, about dont hurt anyone, I suppose that means being nice and I tried my best to follow it. Maybe I am wrong. BTW, about the next Prophet claim, actually I didnt even know what the meaning of 'Prophet' before...I just follow the method and got awakened, not that complicated. Did you read the cases? It shows that awakened kundalini do have positive affects on people.
  2. A Yogic Cure/Vaccine For COVID-19

    Yes Chinese. I guess dictionary never explain things well.
  3. A Yogic Cure/Vaccine For COVID-19

    OK, thanks for your advice, I will go get the book. Looks like I do treat things too simple, I just chant the mantra, get kundalini awakened and disease healed, and think that everybody can do the same, looks like its wrong. Thanks for pointing that out. Better learn more before speaking, a good lesson I learned today. Thanks again.
  4. A Yogic Cure/Vaccine For COVID-19

    No, I am sorry, I dont know the word 'cure' has such a meaning....I am not a native English speaker, Isnt cure a equvalent word for help? Ofcourse its not working like medicine, one will need hard practice, faith to God, to awaken kundalini and see result.
  5. A Yogic Cure/Vaccine For COVID-19

    Sorry, OK, I really do read your posts and tried to pronouce those mantra. And I think, so many great mantras are there to help people. And thats why I post one of the two mantras I know and practiced ( the other is the so-ham mantra that I learned from Kriya yoga books)
  6. A Yogic Cure/Vaccine For COVID-19

    Yes, I wont. I am so disapointed that members in a forum discussing spirituality behave like this.... You are right, I am wrong, please ignore me, blame me if you like, I am sorry.
  7. A Yogic Cure/Vaccine For COVID-19

    Sorry, I am not in any intention of fearing people, I just saw another thread posted by Earl Grey about mantras and corona. and I think, OK I know something similar that might be helpful so I'd better share also. Why are you so agressive virtue? WHY? I dont understand your intention. OK, if you have to be so agressive by calling people 'ridiculous' and 'stupid', please keep this attitude to every mantra you see, there are "mantras are to aid with the earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, droughts, and the radiation from Fukushima" from the above pose, and I totally believe they can. And I dont see you speak a word or let him prove. You can have opposite opinion, we can discuss and I can say sorry, I am under consideration to say this, I apologize, but I dont think verbal assaults is a 'virtue'. OK, I dont have solid proof (like double-blind test or what), here is some medical report you can check for some other diseases: Although I think it is meaningless to list these as you would absolutely say they are fake, you are stupid, blabla, what soever. We, are the ones who practice this and see results coming out, and want to share. Ofcourse there are always costs, this mantra need to be sincerely chanted with love for God, its not a fast food like you chant it once, and boom you become superman. I simply mean no money involved.
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to recommand a yogic cure for the COVID-19 pandemic. I dont know how many of you guys have heard the word 'Kundalini', it is a Supreme Energy in yogic theory residing at the end of our spine. It is regarded as THE MOTHER OF UNIVERSE. And it can cure / protect one from many diseases once awakened, including COVID-19 of course . You can google the 'kundalini' to get a sense of it. I had a long time struggling to awakening my kundalini, but I got no succeed, until I met my yogic master: Guru Siyag. He tells a mantra that awakened my kundalini, and healed several of my illness including stomach pain and back pain. So I sincerely recommand this method to all of you, it can 100% awaken your kundalini, and heal your disease, start your spiritual path. It is free, we wont charge anyone even a penny for this. For a brief introduce you can watch this video: Here is the website describing this mantra: Another thread also talked about Guru Siyag and his mantra based yoga method:
  9. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    Hello! I am too a practationer of Siddha yoga, I took Diksha in 2015, but I practiced it wrongly until this year I got in touch with some of Gurudev's courtesy discples, they taught me how to practice, and I too experienced Ajapa now. For those who dont believe this mantra and Gurudev, I am pretty sure they didnt even tried chanting it for at least a week. Otherwise they will experience Kundalini energy and they would belive. I recommand this website: for further information about Gurudev Siyag and his yoga Its a multilingual website. We can also keep in touch and share experiences, I personally have gone through a lot of yoga kriyas, feel energy stuck in my spine, my eating pattern have changed and I become more conscious about all things around me. May Gurudev's grace continue bless us.
  10. New here

    Great! Thanks a lot!
  11. New here

    Hello Everyone! Its good to find such a forum that we can discuss about spiritual things. I like yoga and I am a practitioner of Siddha yoga. BTW, where is the reply button when I got into other threads? (may be I need to post my first thread here?)