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  1. Why "Pure Yang?"

    So to be honest, this post is the only real reason I came to this forum. Just a sec. This is serious business. Hookay here we go. ---------------------- Pure Yang is. Pure Yin is not. The Yin inside the human Yang is the True Yin. The Yang inside the human Yin is the True Yang. Take the True Yin out of the Yang. Take the True Yang out of the Yin. Mix the True Yang and True Yin and you have Pure Yang. Mix the True Yang and True Yin and you have not Pure Yin. ------------------------- See, Pure Yang contains the True Yin. In fact, everything everywhere contains the True Yin. Therefore Pure Yin... "does not exist." It doesn't exist because it is nowhere and everywhere. True Yang however, is not anywhere but in only One place and One place alone. It's not your Dantien. It's not your heart or your veins. It's not your brain or your nervous system. It's not in your five organs or 6 digestive systems. It's not in your eyes, ears, mouth, or nose, or other vacuous regions. It's not your third eye. It's not in your three huns and seven pos. It's neither inside nor outside the body. Nope, it's only in the original cavity. --------------------------- Upon the birth of the postcelestial True Yang becomes as Yin. Meanwhile True Yin becomes as Yang. What man calls Yang is actually True Yin. What man calls Yin is actually True Yang. Therefore, in order to become an immortal You must cease being a man. This is the hardest part. ----------------------------- Now, this does not mean Yin is Yang and Yang is Yin. This is a very hasty judgment that only neophytes tend to make. You cannot take Yin as True Yang and Yang as True Yin. No you must break them apart. You must dissect them. You must burn them. You must bully them. You MUST do this until you can't take it anymore. You just can't. You just won't. And THEN True Yang will appear from Yin. And THEN True Yin will appear from Yang. You CANNOT skip this part. I am sorry. I am so sorry. You just can't. I'm sorry it had to be this way it's not your fault. I'm sorry, but in order to be an immortal you have to give up the one thing that no one in their right mind will ever give up. You MUST give up being a man. You may FEEL that this was unnecessary. You may SEEM to think that this is unnecessary. BUT IT IS NECESSARY. Oh why. Why. Why? Because Yin and Yang create one another. Because in this world you cannot know Love without Pain. Love that sustains you. Love that brought you here, that holds you together, that you will return to. The Tao doesn't listen to whining. The Tao is not moved by prayers or curses. Remember that. ------------------------------------------------ But once this happens, you are done. You are done. And you must do nothing else. I mean no, not really. You can. Sure, you can do anything at this point. No matter what you do, it will happen. But the best thing to do now is to sit back. Relax Meditate Perform your favorite rituals Stir the cauldron and wait for gold Watch some tv, work your ass off, whatever The only thing you have to do is to never forget True Yin and True Yang Never forget it. Never. NEVER forget either of them. As if you can... lol... Always hold them within the deepest depths of your heart. And True Yin and True Yang will get together on their own. Did I say you must do nothing else? Oh no. No no no. No, you will do absolutely everything and anything at this stage. Believe me. You think you won't. But you will I don't have to tell you what because you will already know what to do. But you will be the busiest man in the world. You will work HARD. You will play HARD. You will rest HARD. You don't have to. You don't have to, believe me, you don't. You don't have to do anything at this stage. BUT YOU WILL. YOU WILL DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BECAUSE YOU LOVE LIFE SO MUCH. You'll be so busy that no one in their right mind will think you're human. Remember. You aren't. You're an immortal. ...anyway, this will bring True Yin and True Yang together. -------------------------------------------- Once they're together True Yin will be as nothing and True Yang will be as everything. True Yang will UTTERLY DOMINATE True Yin. True Yin LOVES being OBLITERATED. And you will become Pure Yang. You will have everything you have ever wanted. What more should I say? And you, immortal, will truly understand that you will never be a real human until you've gone through this. So anyway. To the original question... what was it... Oh yeah. Why Pure Yang? Because I wouldn't have come down here if it was Pure Yin.
  2. The Tao of disappointment

    Meditation is your only hope. But only if you're really serious. Otherwise, relax. .
  3. Long time ago

    A long time ago, for a good amount of time, I was a Taoist. Then I left. I never came back, since I understand now that I can never leave. But I understood something else now. Sometimes I just want to talk. That's it. That's why I'm here.